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Gene Shkolnik
May 29, 2019 · 2 min read

From the first moment we set out to rebuild the MBTA’s website, we designed it to continuously evolve to support the ever changing needs and expectations of our riders. We built the site so that it can stay fresh and current as the overall massive transformation of the T is taking place. We made it easy for people to provide their comments, report problems, or send an occasional word of encouragement. And we built to be open and transparent about the current state of the system, with the real-time information about buses and trains easily available and notices about delays clear and visible.

Today we are bringing the same principles that guided us in the development of the website to its source code: we are open-sourcing the code for is now a public code repository which joins the list of our other open source projects such as V3 API, Parking Tweets, Concentrate, and a number of others.

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We welcome you to use our code to:

  • Better understand where the information on the site comes from
  • Help us find bugs or even contribute a fix yourself
  • Build your own mass transit website or in any other project
  • Learn Elixir and Phoenix, the awesome modern web development platform our site runs on

We’re continuing our work on the site, as well as improvements to other rider-facing technology. We’d love to hear your feedback. We are also hiring.

Want to join the team that’s helping the T leverage technology? We’re looking for product managers and developers to help roll out improvements to our real-time data, API, digital signage, payment systems, and so much more. Come join us.

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