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Recently, the upsurge of ICOs and their ability to raise tons of money in mere minutes has opened up some extraordinary business opportunities for entrepreneurs, clients and financial specialists in the blockchain industry. Currently, it is undergoing institutionalisation and development of evaluation strategies & application benchmarks for new potential technologies. Given that the ICO market depends on blockchain technology, there is a dearth of reliable criteria for the assessment of upcoming projects. This has resulted in growing speculation amongst the investors’ community which is can pose as a hindrance to the advancement of this ecosystem.

Why is MCAP Labs providing ICO Evaluation Services?

There is currently a lack of systematic evaluation and consolidation of information on blockchain ventures, which has made it cumbersome to gather authentic information about ICOs. MCAP labs has been working for the past few months developing a platform where users can read and assess ICOs in a hassle-free way. MCAP labs is an autonomous organisation built with the intent of becoming an authority in assessing ICOs. Our research is intensive and target-specific, assessing organisations as potential speculation objects.

MCAP labs’ newly devised Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s):

The client organisation furnishes our financial specialists with data regarding their potential ICO. Our specialists then perform a complete assessment of an ICO against MCAP Labs’ new Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Here is the list of a couple of noticeable KPI’s:

• Whitepaper

• Business designs, Market potential, and Visibility

• Media Coverage

• Cryptocurrency’s Social Proof

• Valuation, Market cost, and Exchanges

  • Cryptocurrency Economics

What all questions form a part of our rigorous evaluation?

With public money comes more noteworthy obligation. Hence our aforementioned KPI’s constitute questions capable of evaluating all kinds of ICOs, be it upcoming, ongoing or past, such that the information we furnish is accurate and error-free. Some of these are:

Product: What are they making? Is there an operational form of their product? How rapidly do they fix bugs and security loopholes, and enhance the code?

Issue: What issue is being explained? Is their product a plausible solution for it?

Token Differentiation: How is the token unique in relation to all others? How are they planning to trade their token? Is the token safe or a mere trick?

Market: What is the market for the token? How can one purchase, offer, hold, and exchange the token?

Terms: What percent is allotted for their core team? In pre-sale and in ICO?

Dispatch: Has the company launched an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)? If not, why?

Development team: Who is working exclusively on this product? Full-time? Low maintenance? Contract? Volunteering? Are there experienced specialists? Do they have support from known experts?

Ecosphere and Underlying Ecosphere: How solid is the ecosystem? Which ecosystem forms the backbone of the project (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, C++, Golang, Node.js, JavaScript)? Who are the designers, promoters, guides, (potential) miners, pre-deal financial specialists and (potential) clients?

MCAP labs incentivisation schemes:

In light of ICO Evaluation, MCAP Labs’ subjective investigation’s purpose is to grow transparent appraisal models for new blockchain-administered ventures which can guarantee that financial specialists’ well-deserved funds are protected and creating riches. Furthermore, MCAP Labs will also conduct incentivisation schemes promoting investments in potentially successful ICOs.

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