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Mar 25 · 2 min read
Learn more about Women In Technology: Hollywood here.

We’re proud to announce Mavatar co-founder and CEO Susan Akbarpour has been nominated for the MESA Alliance’s Women In Technology: Hollywood (WiTH) 3rd Annual Leadership Award. WiTH aims for the advancement of women in technology in the entertainment realm. All proceeds from sponsorship at the May 23 award ceremony will go to local charities with the same goals.

Nominees were selected based on their role in technology and mentorship contributions promoting women in tech and entertainment.

From Mesa Alliance:

The nominees and ultimate selection of winners were based on votes by the following WiTH Steering Committee Advisors that include executives from 20th Century Fox Television, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies and The Walt Disney Studios.

At MESA’s HITs 2018 and Big Data ’18, Susan discussed how Hollywood, the biggest mega influencer of the world, can leverage mCart for content monetization. The company’s blockchain-based technology poised to revolutionize influence marketing at every level, including Hollywood.

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Imagine a world where fans can shop their favorite movie, TV show or article instantly? mCart makes the world shop-able!

mCart serves as a clear way for major film studios to track their content’s influence to product sales in real time, while capitalizing on the emotional connections a movie or celebrities create between products and consumers.

UCLA 2018- Susan discusses how blockchain is changing advertising with Big Data moderator Beverly Macy and Stillmark Capital partner, Alysse Kileen.
Mavatar co-founder and CEO Susan Akbarpour breaks down why macro influencers like Hollywood need to close the gap between visual discovery and search on the path to purchase.

Nominations for the 2019 WiTH Leadership Awards include:

• Susan Akbarpour, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mavatar Technologies
• Nancy Faginas-Cody, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Systems, The Walt Disney Company
• Melanie Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Corporate IT, Sony Pictures Entertainment
• Jeanne Holm, Chief Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles
• Beverly Kite, Chief Information Officer, Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences (AMPAS)
• Cristina Mancini Jones, Senior Vice President, Head of Customer and Trailblazer Marketing, Salesforce
• Renee McGinnis, Senior Vice President, Solutions, Lionsgate
• Theresa Miller, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Lionsgate
• Susan O’Day, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Technology and Chief Information Officer, The Walt Disney Company
• Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen, SAP


Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain

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Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain

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