Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour discusses how to make crypto safer for investors at 36th Annual Monetary and Trade Conference

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour spoke on a panel at the 36th Annual Monetary and Trade Conference in Philadelphia on April 19, 2018, urging legislators to define the Utility Tokens for start-ups that are leveraging cryptocurrencies to remove a bottleneck from their innovative technology platforms.

The event was held by Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, the Global Interdependence Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour discussed how crypto and ICOs can be regulated in a safe way for investors.

Susan was part of the panel titled, “Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.” Other speakers on the panel included David Mills of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Kim Hunyh of Bank of Canada and Will Cong of University of Chicago.

One of the primary topics of discussion was how to make crypto safer for investors. While many agree it is a way to raise capital risk, crypto and ICOs which come with a litany of risks including legal, settlement, operational and fraud, also can save the legitimate technologies, teams and startups that deserve surviving, raising enough capital from a greater community of investors.

Multiple speakers pressed on the fact that it makes it difficult to know how or when government and regulation should get involved when overall ICOs still account for a small fraction of investments. Only $6 billion was raised by ICOs in 2017 compared to $141 billion for IPOs.

Enforcing regulations on the process of decentralization of the networks seems like an oxymoron, however if done via integration with smart contracts and aligned with this innovative paradigm shift, regulations could be a transparent and solid way to protect investors while improving economic growth.