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Apr 5 · 2 min read
Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour demoing the Shop-able Wall at DSE.

Last Week, Mavatar debuted the mCart Shop-able Wall at the Digital Signage Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. mCart Shop-able Walls were featured in the Sharp Electronics’ booth on Sharp’s 70” PN-L705H Ultra-HD interactive touch screen displays.

The mCart Shop-able Wall is a Virtual Vending Machine

The Shop-able Wall is a digital signage solution (shopping kiosk) that lets their operators turns Sharp’s interactive screens into virtual vending machines for multiple retailers’ inventories. Consumers can browse the retailers’ inventories, create smart and omnichannel shopping carts, and use those smart carts to buy with online delivery and in-store pickup.

mCart at Sharp’s DSE booth.

A STAR is Born

Having recently joined the Sharp STAR Alliance, mCart Shop-able Walls on Sharp displays are a turn-key solution for potential customers like malls, airports, hotels, and other retail operators that have spaces where shoppers are making purchasing decisions based on the context of a place, but don’t have a way to link their physical shopping journey with a unified omnichannel experience. mCart Shop-able Walls let shoppers check the location-based or universal inventories and communicate with sales reps at stores to close the gap between online and offline commerce.

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour says of the mCart Shop-able Wall, “the platform has been developed with the promise of making the world around us shop-able, and closing the gap between online and offline shopping, sales, and advertising…we created a technology that really acts as a GPS for finding products, helping the consumers go through the decision journey.”

mCart makes the world shop-able!

mCart Shop-able Wall on Sharp displays are adding a physical component to Mavatar’s vision to make the whole world shop-able!

Read more about mCart Shop-able Walls and their use cases.


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