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Until the last petal falls

A Lace Lilac

The ceiling has cracked

Years of conjunction has come to an end

Water seeps breaking the silence

The aura turned a lace lilac

The flower bloomed to the fullest

A few desires and lusts had to be restrained

The source knows the true fulfillment of the soul

Better than the body that carries it

A rare occurrence of an epiphany

The showers and thunders over the canopy

Make sense to the turbulent stem

The veins have the power of the Hephaestus

gracefully embodies the wisdom of Saraswathi

There is ease and poise in existence like Buddha

The roots are a strong intertwining

With mother Gaya

Though not all answers have been seeking

There are no more questions

Despite the existence of confusions

There are no more doubts

Experience my mate is the soul witness

Of the beauty of life unfolding

Over the horizon,

Every wish looks fulfilled

All desires seem to be met

Few flowers were fateful enough

To be sown in top-soil

How can we question the ones,

Who had a better beginning?

Seasons of withstanding the pain in the rain

Subjected to the blazing sun overhead

Life didn’t seem home to the self

Patience seemed a betrayer of glee

But on the last dawn of winter

And the beginning of spring

The lilac bloomed with

A soothing breeze and blare

All the sunflowers gravitated

To the lilac, shining with the rarest

Color of a jewel.

There was no substitute to the vexation

Mere life cannot fathom the blueprint

Of the fruits to bear.

Mortals adored the lovely lilac

A part of their existence seemed to reconcile

With a memory that never made peace

Or sense in their critical brain

Hope is an alluring word

To every earthling, desperately longing

To convey to their mind

that it has not lost its sanity

The source that planted them on this planet

Is never searched for in pleasure

Until the last petal falls

The quench of an unknown thirst is never felt.

The only thirst to have appreciated

Every petal and plight

By dint of Akashic records

The shade of lilac was the unique gem

Until the last petal fell

The lilac was a true embodiment

of hope un-hemmed

If only the joy in adversity

the conscience could comprehend

we wouldn’t wait until the last petal fell

to fill the lungs with the

aromatic aura of the Lilac

- Jahnavi Ranjan





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