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Bigmac Program: Call for Real-World Markets

Initiative for encouraging real-world markets

Beyond providing our LPs and traders a carefully constructed product with superb capital efficiency and smooth trading experience, a key objective of MCDEX V3 is to empower anyone to create any market in a permissionless way. While certain assets are popular in markets off the chain, MCDEX V3 aims to agglomerate the power of our community to create more perpetual contracts for these hotcakes. The results of this attempt will benefit all DeFi participants as everyone will be able to trade perpetual contracts of popular assets (or anything at all) on MCDEX V3!

Market Categories — Bring real-world markets to the crypto wonderland!


-Precious metals: gold, silver, copper, platinum…

-Agriculture: corn, wheat, cotton…

-Energy: WTI/Brent crude oil, natural gas…


-Stocks: Disney, Pfizer,

-Bonds:21ST CENTY FOX AMER INC, Microsoft Corp, Citigroup…

Benefits & Incentives

  1. You can make a market of whatever you want! MCDEX V3 will equip you with algorithms from professional market makers.
  2. Liquidity/other forms of incentive from MCDEX DAO Vault for listed assets above (or proposed ones after review)
  3. Even more incentive for markets/pools that have reached certain KPI/ranking high.

Actions required

  1. Submit a brief description of your idea.

FYI, each liquidity pool on MCDEX V3 is able to support multiple perpetual markets, which means that you can use one collateral to support several perpetual markets.

  1. If your idea has been approved, we will contact you within a week and give you some guidance on opening and running a market.
  2. Now your market will be on our testnet. We will formalize the proposal for incentives/liquidity expectations for the pool.
  3. DAO governance vote on the proposals
  4. Your market will be on the MCDEX V3 mainnet , your perpetual markets are good to go on mainnet!

Contact info

For any inquiry, please contact @vera_0120 on telegram.

Follow MCDEX on:

Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit




MCDEX is a fully decentralized perpetual swap exchange based on Mai Protocol, allowing anyone to create any perpetual market.

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Building MCDEX V3 (Decentralized Perpetual) | Trade #PerpetualContracts - #Permissionless #1000x Uni’s capital efficiency #Anyone can create any market

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