MCH+ partners with Rarible

MCH+, an accelerator program for blockchain game developer, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Rarible, №1-ranked community-owned digital collectibles marketplace worldwide.

As part of this collaboration, users who hold items in the MCH+ ecosystem (which currently includes the following games: My Crypto Heroes, Brave Frontier Heroes, Crypto Spells and Chojo) will be eligible for the $RARI airdrop, which is scheduled to commence on March 16th.

All users participating in the upcoming $RARI airdrop will also receive a special co-branded item.

Further on, Rarible will provide full support for all in-game items featured in the MCH+ ecosystem.

First try with MCH+

On the occasion of the beginning of this long-term partnership, brand new “Pixel Animation NFT” will be on sale on the Brave Frontier Heroes collection, which is one of the MCH+ projects. This will be done for the first time specially on Rarible.

Sale will start from 12:00 am (UTC) on March 15th.

Amazing lineup

Name of the unit: Virtuous Champion Krantz

Rarity: Legendary
Price: 1ETH
Quantity: 5

Name of the units: Flame Staff Limera , Nebula Pearl Ivris

Rarity: Epic
Price: 0.2ETH
Quantity: 12 each

Special tip: if you buy these beautiful items on Rarible you can not only decorate your collection with them but you can also use them on BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES.

You’ll see the more information:


Official Twitter:

Take this opportunity to try out the famous Japanese blockchain game “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES”!

About Rarible

Rarible is a creator-centric NFT marketplace with $RARI governance token and liquidity mining for active creators and collectors. Rarible is an open platform, community-owned and governed. #1 ranked NFT marketplace according to dApp ranking.

About MCH+

MCH+ will continue to provide a variety of functions and services to MCH+ partners so that title developers can focus on the fun part of game development, such as the implementation of the integration with external services.
We have already provided and supported a variety of features and services, including MCH+Tx.
If you are interested in participating in MCH+, please apply using the form below.

The content is subject to be changed.


website :
discord :




『MCH+』とは、世界No1ブロックチェーンゲーム『My Crypto Heroes』※のゲームエンジンを提供を含むブロックチェーンゲーム開発支援プログラムの総称です。

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