[MCH+] $MATIC giveaway campaign!

As we announced, Polygon integration will be done through AMS (Asset Mirroring System) which is developed by MCH+.

To celebrate it and allow users to move to Polygon smoothly, we decided to do a $MATIC giveaway campaign to MCH+ users.

We hope you’ll use it to pay the transaction fee for Polygon Network!


From 20th May 2021 to 31st December 2021

※Period may be shortening or extending.


Users who have completed phone number verification or have completed phone number verification for the following game titles.

My Crypto Saga

My Crypto Heroes




Contract Servant

※We will distribute $MATIC in the next log-in time for New phone-number authentication users.
※We will distribute $MATIC once per phone number.
※We may set the secret rule for preventing fraudulent payments of $MATIC by obtaining a large number of phone numbers from the same person.

You need to authenticate your phone number through “MCH+ Auth” by MCH+ for participating campaign.
Please contact each game title for the case you cannot participating the campaign depending on the game title or log in method.
ex: “Chain guardians”, Twitter log in for “CryptoSpells”, Before the MCH+ partnership of “Contract Servant” ,etc.

Distribution Timing

When you log in again with the target account after 5:00 p.m. on May 20 (JST).


・We will distribute to the Polygon Network address. Please switch network from Ethereum to get.

・Please, see here for how to switch in MetaMask.

・If you are using tokenPocket, you can switch the network from the setting screen after updating the app. (Currently, only the BFH app can switch the network from the settings screen after the update. Please note that other dedicated apps are currently not supported.)

Click here to download the tokenPocket app↓



・GO!WALLET users, network switching is currently not available. Please import your wallet to tokenPocket or use Metamask.

・If you do not receive $MATIC, please log out and then log back in.

Distribution Amount

0.01 MATIC

※Contents are subject to change, thank you for your understanding.


website : https://www.mch.plus/
discord : https://discord.gg/tRJWWkT
twitter(JP): https://twitter.com/doublejumptokyo
twitter(EN): https://twitter.com/doublejump_en