Life After Mac: Real Stories of Alumni Finding Their Way — Khanh

Who knows what they want to do with their life at 18 years old? A 2008-era me sure didn’t. I was heavily involved in student leadership and athletics, and at the time, all I could dream of was modeling myself after the most prominent leaders in my life: my high school gym teachers and coaches. Ending up as a sports marketer instead goes to show you that plans made in your teens sometimes just aren’t meant to be.

Back to 2008. In order to chase my goal of being a Phys.Ed. teacher, I found my way into Mac’s acclaimed kinesiology program. I would finish the 4-year degree, go to teacher’s college, and emerge ready to lead the next generation of student-athletes.

It was all going according to ‘plan’, until towards the end of my time at Mac, when I accepted the job of Game Day Coordinator with the Athletics & Recreation Department.

This wasn’t that out of left field for me; I’d been involved with the Maroons (McMaster’s original sport marketers), and was working towards a Minor in Business as well. I also had been finessing my design and marketing skills, and ran a small business creating commissioned drawings. This role would be a perfect extension of all those skill sets.

I was assisting with promotions and sponsorships, and served as in-game hostess for varsity games. I was thrilled about the job — it combined my innate interest for marketing/design, my raving fandom for sports, and an odd comfort with yelling into a microphone. But I was also worried. The role had nothing to do with being an educator or kinesiology. I suddenly realized several years of science-heavy education became almost useless to me, and that all that momentum towards my ‘dream’ career path was halted.

In the end, I was right. This job knocked me off my career path altogether. But I couldn’t be happier that it did.

Abandoning all intentions for teacher’s college, I pursued a Master’s in Sport Management instead. That meant 1.5 years of hands-on learning about marketing, finance, law, organizational behaviour and administration, all in the context of the Canadian sport system. I was on a new career path, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting side-tracked anymore.

My career so far has given me some amazing opportunities. Since graduating, I’ve worked with the 2013 IIHF Women’s World Ice Hockey Championship, and the record-setting 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Today, I oversee the marketing, branding and partnerships portfolio of Ontario Soccer (the 3rd largest sports organization in Canada), and was the leader for the organization’s rebrand efforts in 2017.

First-year me, sitting in that anatomy class, would probably be mystified if she heard where I had ended up. But I also think she’d be proud of me, knowing that I followed my passions, embraced the unexpected turns along the way, and that I got to write this note to you. So lean in to your instinctive passions, even when they take you through a u-turn. You could end up loving the detour.

Khanh Be, BSc. Kinesiology ‘12

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