Gradle.. cont.

Last week … oh last week

Had to meetup with a deadline on a project {#AndelaALC17} Tagged “Easter Challenge”. Pretty not a regular week for me as i was my first project on android to be reviewed by our sponsors at Andela (Or my first public project at all :-) been new to the dev. world). Really love what i built, although it might look newbie — ish to professionals .. but took me a lot of visits to StackOverFlow to complete.

In case you are wondering .. here is a view of my project.

Easter Challenge

Was also lucky enough to a retweet from Andela_Nigeria twitter handle :-)

very excited!!

The deadline for submission was 30th April, 2017 so that’s over now, Awaiting results though.

Coming back to the story line;

Left the story incomplete the last time. here is a link to the first part “Gradle… Gradle… Hurdle…” .

Not long after applying for the fellowship, i got an email from the recruitment team with links to the plum test and the home study curriculum. I quickly smashed through the plum test being already used to such test. Being a newbie (A clueless one at that) i hoped that the little i have learnt about python was enough to scale me through the home study, i mean it was a home study right?, how hard could it be, i knew not what was ahead.

Started working on the home study on some date i don’t remember now, seemed like what i expected at first.. I remember thinking “i can actually make this work this easily?” .. Just a few days into it i learnt my very first lesson in programming which has been helped me countless times since then. which was? No Shortcuts. i found out just how unprepared i was and how much i should have learnt already, and reality hit.

Hopes dashed, i needed a place to start from (which is actually a really common problem. where to start from) and that was when android came along. Got a second email .. weeks after the first, It was a congratulatory and invitation email to the Andela Android Learning Community , which at the moment i forgot i even applied for. It was the beginners track, so was a perfect fit for me.

Since then i have applied severally the lesson i learnt from my prior journey which has been a gold mine in android development. All has moved well and AndelaALC pushes us all to learn continuously everyday more than i thought possible.

One problem though that has been a torn ever since is Gradle. which bring me to the topic.

Gradle… Gradle… Hurdle…

Since starting with android development, this has been my biggest challenge. Recently i find myself spending more time trying to fix issues with building than actually building. Android studio also seems to slow down the process most of the time. Have tried a few customizing tips i found on youtube and stackoverflow to enhance performance. I really don’t know how professional developers do it but i wish to learn. Any suggestion via comment or contacts will be highly appreciated. “this is a cry for help”

The story is still unfolding and i believe the best parts are yet to happen.