CEOs get richer. We get poorer. We could reverse it, but choose not to.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Did you buy the new iPhone as soon as it came out?
Don’t do this at home (Credit:
  • Do you buy new cars instead of used?
  • How about an Acura when a Honda is the same car?
  • Do you buy name brand when generic is the same?
  • Do you have to have high fashion, like Louis Vuitton when Target will do?

You probably see what I’m getting at. Each time something like this happens, big business, and the CEO’s at the top, get richer.

Ralph Lauren gets $24 Million. A YEAR. And he’s low on the top 100 CEOs list.

Want a glimpse at the world’s most valuable brands? Apple is on top (shocker).

Many big brands and most of your friends are your absolute WORST enemies:

  • Companies spend billions on advertising so that you and your peers come to believe that you really DO have to have their brand. Consumerism: putting your money into their pockets.
  • Your peers think these brands are cool as hell. They will, without a doubt, ridicule you for driving a Corolla (like me!) instead of a Camero. Pay no attention to these haters. Instead of making other people rich, let’s do the opposite: make YOU rich.
My super sweet whip

Okay, we get it — stop buying expensive crap when we don’t need it. Sure! But that’s only half of the story. And I’m not saying you have to give up all the cool stuff. Just buy last season’s iPhone at a discount!

With the money you save by mostly shifting your purchases to less costly brands, we’re going to do something not enough people do — make even more money with it the proven way.

  • Let’s say you change your spending to the tune of $500 extra a month.
  • You choose a simple mutual or index fund that performs at 8% earnings a year on average (if you’re not sure how, hang in there!)
  • You put that $500 a month into that fund.
  • After 20 years, it will grow to almost $300,000! Check it:
Notice how the earnings start to skyrocket

At this point, this fund is making you almost $24,000 a year — that’s $2000 A MONTH. You could live that lux life much easier now (if you want)! You could have something much nicer than a base model Camero.

You could literally bathe in the latest iPhones.

Ridiculousness. (Credit:

And here are even more options:

  • Double how much you invest each month to $1000. This would double the total to $600,000 in 20 years and $4000 a month in additional earnings.
  • Only withdraw $1000 a month of the $2000. To rephrase that, let the rest continue to grow!
  • Keep investing $500 a month for another 10 years and have 3/4 of a Million:

Anyway, you get the idea. Stop succumbing to consumerism. Stop giving in to peer pressure. It makes the rich richer and you poorer.

The easiest way to get started is to invest in a total stock market or balanced fund through your current bank. A more advanced step is through a brokerage firm. Want to learn about exactly how to get started investing? Check out my new course. For the cost of two burritos you could set yourself up to financial freedom.

Rise above the hype and make yourself rich.

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Disclaimer: I don’t account for inflation in the calcs above. Those numbers are today’s dollars. The important thing to remember is that even with 2–3% inflation a year (decrease in buying power of the dollar) investing is still a fantastic way to earn money and may be the best way to beat inflation!