MD++ in 2021: Community for Aspiring Physician-Innovators

Introducing our new executive team and goals for 2021

Sherman Leung
Mar 18, 2021 · 8 min read

Since our public launch in May 2020, MD++ has grown at an incredible rate to over 800 medical students and aspiring physician-innovators all across the country. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, we need more physician-leaders who see the forest and the trees: physicians who not only serve patients directly through medical practice but who can also design and build a more equitable, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare system.

As we continue to grow with expanded leadership and as a newly minted 501c3 non-profit, we’re doubling-down on our mission to empower the next generation of physician-innovators who will improve healthcare delivery through the intersection of technology, business, health policy, and life sciences. We’re excited to also share our 2021 goals centered around community, connections, and content.

Community, Connections, and Content

We’re also putting a specific call out for partners who want to support this next generation of physician-innovators — if you’re interested in working with our community, sponsoring one of our upcoming events (e.g., innovation challenges), or mentoring medical students as a physician-innovator, please reach out to or or contact us through our website.

Announcing MD++ 2021 Leadership

Daniel Friedman, Alexandra Wong (VP of External Relations); Gary Wang (Director of Health Policy)
Katie Link (Director of AI), Jun Jeon (Director of Biotech), Geoff Bocobo (Director of Medical Devices)
Jon Wang (Director of Medical Student Entrepreneurship); Bethany Dubois, Navin Balaji (VP of Community)
Caroline Liang (VP of Finance), Jay Canarick (VP of Advocacy), David Mui (VP of Curriculum)

Daniel Friedman (VP of External Relations)

Alex Wong (VP of External Relations)

Gary Wang (Director of Health Policy)

Katie Link (Director of AI)

Jun Jeon (Director of Biotech)

Geoff Bocobo (Director of Medical Devices)

Jon Wang (Director of Entrepreneurship)

Bethany Dubois (VP of Community)

Navin Balaji (VP of Community)

Caroline Liang (VP of Finance)

Jay Canarick (VP of Advocacy)

David Mui (VP of Curriculum)

Sherman Leung (Founder & Chair)


Aspiring physician-innovators interested in entrepreneurship, technology, and healthcare innovation