Assignment #1

The most recent game I played was a game called Friday The 13th. The goal is to escape the area before time runs out. The obstacle is the killer named Jason that hunts you down and tries to kill you. The rewards are the items that you search in the cabins to help you escape or defend against Jason.

Goals: There are only three exits in each three different maps. There are two exits on land and one exit in the lake. The only way to go through the exits are by boat or car. You can walk out through the exit but only if you call the police.

Obstacle: Jason searches around the map to find other players to stop them from escaping and kill them. He may be a slow character, however he can teleport anywhere on the map and can sense your fear that can help him find you more easier. For example, if you see a dead body of another player that was recently killed by Jason, it can trigger your fear levels and Jason can sense you from it.

Reward: You need certain items to fix the car, the boat, or the telephone to help you escape. For example, if you found keys in the drawer from the cabin, the item will help you escape by car. There are other list of things that you need to find for the car like gas and battery. That’s why you need to work together with other players to find the items and help fix the phone, car, or boat.

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