MEA 300 1st assignment

The game I recently got addict in to is Fate/ Grand Order. This game is a Japanese turn-base RPG game which player will be played as a wizard who received the role of ‘Master’ in the mage facility called ‘Chaldea’. The goal of this game is to help save humanity history by travel back in time along side the heroic spirit that player summon called ‘servant’

The Goal is to battle through all the event in human history to preserve the present we lived in today by utilize the servant character player got and the set of spell player going to use.

Set of player spell
Servant and craft essence (form left to right) Mordred, Helena Blavatsky, Zhuge-Liang, Musashi, and Nobunaga

Aside form Servant player also got Craft Essence that help enhance the Servant skill as one more tools for player strategy. For master how ever not only do we have skill set but we got ultimate spell called ‘Command Seal’ which can be use to completely heal or help servant release ultimate attack call ‘Noble Phantasm’ which is what each servant is being known for or to reseruct all servant with noble phantasm ready to strike when all of them died.

The obstacle is enemy in each stage that you will have to pass through them use your team and utilize all resource you have wisely.

The battle

The reward of each stage is the raise of your servant’s bond level and material and ingame currency that you can use them to strengthen your servant to be strongerand able to pass on to new stage.

Bond Level
In game currency sadly no material
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