What is a game?

A game to me is entertainment that one or more people can interact and impact what happens on the screen. There are many types of games that were on the reading, but I’m mainly familiar with multiplayer online computer games.

To me, what makes a game good is how much you can change in the game itself. That’s why I usually stray away from games that have a set story line with very little variation. Those games are very popular because the game is focused on it’s story and it’s like an interactive movie or novel in a sense. Where as the games I general focus on are games that have a lot of customization, whether it is self customization or shaping the game itself.

One of the games I’ve played for a long time, Path of Exile, is a game where the amount of customization to your character is almost limitless. The only factor is how efficient you want your character to be for your specific build. In that sense there is less customization, but still greater than almost any game out in the market.

I think the most important part of a game is how much interaction the person playing the game has with the game itself. If there is only a little amount of decisions the player can make to influence the game, it gets repetitive and boring after you play it a bit. That’s why games that have high amounts of replay value generally are online player versus player games. There is almost an endless amount of change in those games because you are changing the game for yourself and the other players in the game and vice versa.

Going back to what I’ve said about customization, here is the passive skill tree of Path of Exile. It is super confusing and intimidating to new players, but if you really want a great game, things like this is necessary. It gets the people playing the game involved and invested into learning your game.

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