What is a Game?

I think a game is enjoyable conflicts based on rules in order to achieve goals (in Virtual world or game spaces)

The purpose to play games for adults is to escape from reality and to have fun. When they play a game they know they are in the game space not in the real world for now. That’s why especially for computer games, they don’t scare to be in danger or take risks, in short computer games are safe physically. A game is ruled by the specific rules and the players willing to permit the rule in the game world. Players understand and permit what is the goal and how to use tools in the game space.


Goal: To create a horizontal line of ten units without gaps. Level up as high as possible.

Example: In the picture, the bottom line become a horizontal line of ten units without gaps, thus the line will disappear.

Reward: When a certain number of lines are cleared the game enters a new level.

Example: In the moving image, the player clears 32 lines, then the game enters level 4 from level 3.

Obstacle: As the game progresses, each level causes Tetriminus to fall faster.

Level 2: falling slower than level 11.


Level 11: falling faster than level 2. That’s why it is difficult to create a horizontal line of ten units without gaps.

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