What is a game? Goal, obstacle, and reward (screenshots).

A game to me is an activity that allows the participants to exercise both physical and mental capabilities to achieve a goal. It would consist of obstacles either objects or other participants to prevent you from reaching your goal.

The game that I chose is Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix.

The game plot is very complex and and confusing. To give a short plot summary of the whole series would be; bad guys steal hearts from people and worlds and gather them to form the Kingdom Hearts, which contain infinite powers. The goal of the game is to release captured hearts from the “Kingdom Hearts” as well as saving other worlds (by ‘world’ I meant Disney franchise world such as; Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Lion King, Aladdin etc) from the darkness.

The obstacle would be the Heartless, who are mindless monster stopping our protagonist from releasing the Kingdom Hearts. There are multiple different kinds of Heartless with different attack patterns. They usually spawn in open areas and come with a group of them. You would have to be careful and find a right opening to attack them. Not to mention there are many different bosses in the game with their own unique attack pattern and mechanics.

The reward is that our hero was able to save his best friend, purified all the worlds from the darkness. This meant that he fixed up his own world (because it was destroyed by the darkness) and to finally be able to take his best friend home with him. This led to all other Disney characters to be able to go back to their world that were once destroyed.

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