1607 Mucky Spaniel

Finally got around to another brew day.

Brew Day

Problems with the mash getting stuck, high oat content. Plenty of stirring needed to stop the mash from stalling, which the long plastic spoon was not up to. Time to purchase a proper mash paddle.

Tried a new technique with the final hops. Read that the best temperature for aroma is 71–76°C for 15–20 mins during the cooling.

Setup for the day with the pump repositioned to try and help the priming
Lautering into the boiler
The plastic spoon that bent trying to keep the mash moving
Keeping an eye on the weather
Beginning to boil, hot break
Repair to the tap, the original epoxy didn’t seem to like the high temperatures of the mashing.

Secondary Fermentation

After a couple of weeks, time to move the brew to secondary.

Lost a little with the trub


1607 Mucky Spaniel. Drinking after conditioning for 60 days, lost some hop aroma, lengthy conditioning as 7.6%