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Letter sent on Apr 13

Advanced recipe filtering, search & new recipes

We’ve been working hard to help you find the recipes you want, fast. Two major improvements to search have been released this month.


First, we added autocomplete to search — we now suggest words we think you’re looking for so you can select them without having to type the whole word.

Category filters

Next, we added category filters that allow you to quickly filter recipes by category, like “Burgers & Sandwiches”, “Pizza”, “Chops”, “Stir Fries”, “Your Favorites”, “Popular”, & more!

We’re really excited about these improvements to search; to learn more about these new features please click the links above!

Reminders to help you stay on track

We’ve just begun to dip our toes into the world of reminders / push notifications, so for the moment this feature is only available in the iOS app.

You can now opt-in to receive push notification reminders that will gently help you to stay on track just when you’re at risk of falling behind. Learn more about reminders here.

13 new recipes added in March

We added 13 tasty new recipes to the app in March! Check out the full article and click on the recipe images to be taken to the full recipe, or search for the recipe title in the app if you’re interested in cooking it. Enjoy!

That’s it for today. New features are always coming up and I’ll be sure to share them with you when they’re ready. Until then, happy cooking!

— Jeffrey Bunn, Mealime Co-Founder

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