Four new allergy options and a new allergen warning system

When we started Mealime in 2012, we offered exactly one diet type (Classic), zero allergy restrictions, zero dislikable ingredients, and zero other customization options. We didn’t even have an app!

We’ve come a long way since then, as we now support 6 diet types, 6 allergy options, 119 dislikable ingredients, and other customization options like serving sizes, units, searchable dish types, calorie filters (new!), and so on.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released two major improvements to our allergy system.

First, we now offer support for four additional allergy options:

  1. Soy-Free
  2. Egg-Free
  3. Sesame-Free
  4. Mustard-Free

All new allergy options are available for all diet types except Egg-Free and Mustard-Free, which aren’t currently available for the Vegetarian diet type, and Soy-Free, which isn’t available for the Paleo diet type (because it’s on by default).

To select these new allergy options, please open the app and head over to Settings, then Eating Preferences, then select the allergies from the list.

New Allergies in Settings — Eating Preferences

Don’t forget that these changes won’t take effect until you build a new meal plan!

Second, we wanted to be extra sure that you don’t purchase any ingredients that may contain allergens. Your grocery list will now warn you that some products may contain allergens, and to make sure to double check the ingredients before purchasing the item.

Allergen Warning Message

If you see an item in your grocery list with a warning icon (shown above), tap on it to open up additional details about the item. You’ll see a message, like the one below, telling you which allergens to look out for:

Check the ingredients label and make sure to choose a brand that is allergen free.

We’re excited about this improvement to allergies. Apart from the allergies themselves and the grocery list warning messages, we’ve improved things in the backend that will allow us to release more allergies and build new features (and recipes) for you faster.

Please download the latest versions of the app (2.9.5 on iOS and 1.5.3 on Android) to see all of the above improvements. And be sure to let us know what you think by emailing us or commenting below.

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