Mealime Update — New Meal Planning Features

Hello Mealimes! — It’s been a while since we’ve posted on here, and we’ve got some cool new features to tell you about. We’re improving the app all the time, and adding lots of new recipes. Follow us here to stay informed!

Upgraded “Netflix-style” Side-Swiping Meal Plan Builder

As a Mealime user I absolutely LOVE this feature. As you can see above, the new meal plan builder lets you browse recipes by category. Like Netflix’s interface, each category lets you scroll horizontally, so its really easy to browse things like Favorites, Popular, Fall Picks, Pastas, or Soups, Stews and Chilis. That means that, if, for instance, you’re a pasta fiend like this writer, you can easily block out the noise and get right to the good stuff! (also works for salads!)

Some of our users might already be used to this feature — it had been enabled to a select group for beta testing. Now that all of the kinks are worked out, the new builder is ready for primetime! This feature is now available for all our users — Pro and free alike — Update your version to check it out!

We’re excited about this, but let us know what you think (at the end of the day, our opinion doesn’t really matter!). Log on to the Mealime Community, or shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Adjustable Servings for Nutrition (Pro Users)

We’d gotten a lot of feedback that our users wanted the ability to see nutrition for more than just a since serving at a time, so we added a simple mechanism for you to adjust it on the fly. This also works closely with our apple health integration, so you can sync up exactly the quantity that was eaten.

Create Your Meal Plan

Click here to access the Mealime App, and build yourself a personalized meal plan.


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