A framework for MEAN “Partnerships”

  • The word partnership is a joke nowadays in the crypto-world. Since anyone is everyone else’s “partner”, it also means none of it has real value or meaning.
  • We are taking a harder look into who do we consider partners, how do we define them, and their relative value to one another and to Mean DAO.
  • Not all partners are created equal, and some deserve more love than others.

Some Context

Partners & Couples

The Mean DAO Partnership Journey

Not all partners are created equal

  1. Integration Partners: they integrate our products into theirs
  2. Vendor Partner: we integrate their products into ours
  3. Client Organization: they are a customer of our products
  4. Ecosystem Partner: an organization that helps us accelerate our mission without being one of the other three
The Mean DAO Partner Ecosystem

A unique position

  • Dynamic NFTs that “mature” or “decay” with time. This concept can be super useful for games, or expirable NFTs that give the holder limited access to benefits. The Money Stream would manage the “decaying” or “maturing” side of the NFT.
  • Gamified coordination mechanisms, like live leaderboards, competitions, or progress coordination.
  • Pay-pay-use monetization services. Think media content (music, video) where the distribution rules for a piece of content are pre-set, and revenues are distributed based on the consumption rate and progress of the piece of content on a second by second basis based on Money Streams.

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