How to do token vesting on in less than 5 minutes!

When a crypto project raises capital, it often goes with a token or equity. In both cases, investors get access to those tokens over time to signal to the market their long-term commitment to the project and the team. It also gives the market assurances they will not be dumping the token at the first sign of bears. This is where vesting contracts come in.

Mean Vesting helps teams configure and run their investor vesting contracts in a codeless and user-friendly fashion, and it can all be configured and set to run in less than 5 mins.

Here’s how:

Step 1 — Log in to the Mean dApp

Step 2 — Click on the “ Services “ Tab drop-down menu

Step 3 — Name the vesting contract and choose between a Locked vesting contract or Open vesting contract and select the token to be vested.

Step 4 — Choose vesting category

Step 5 — Choose the vesting period and start date

Step 6 — Select the percentage for cliff release of tokens on the start date of the vesting contract

Step 7 — Token vesting setup is complete!

The Token vesting confirmation window

Want to learn more about Mean Vesting? Head over to our website and docs to learn more about how we can help your team, token project, or DAO. If you have any questions or need assistance join our Discord and send us a message; one of our mods or community managers will help you get started quickly.

Mean Finance is bringing financial freedom to people and businesses worldwide. Through the Mean Protocol, we provide real-time cash flows and crypto asset management solutions for businesses and institutions. Teams and organizations can easily set up their crypto corporate treasuries, issue investors’ vesting contracts, and run their payroll operations with real-time payment streams.

Stay in touch with our progress every week, and join the DeFi revolution by checking our website, joining the Mean DAO Discord, or our official Telegram, and following @MeanFinance on Twitter.

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Originally published at on July 14, 2022.



People and businesses from around the world can create and manage international accounts with thousands of assets like stables coins and tokens, as well as access to several capital products like deep liquidity markets, a decentralized exchange, and access to several investments.

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