Mean DAO partners with Grape Protocol


What’s happening

Since Mean Protocol went live on Solana mainnet, one of the most supportive projects has been Grape Protocol, and we got even closer after the Solana Ignition Hackathon AMA where we joined as a guest.

We are humbled and ecstatic now to be able to announce our formal partnership in helping secure and strengthen the Mean Community and the upcoming launch of the MEAN token.

Grape Protocol is a toolset for building token-based membership communities on Solana. With Grape, you can create, reward and secure any online community. Grape went live on Raydium’s Acceleraytor on Sept 7th and is one of the fastest-growing protocols in Solana.

Mean ❤️ Grape

The partnership consists on:

We are already completing #1, and the community will continue to grow at a healthy rate, while keeping our sanity and safety, because of Grape Access.

I first met Michel and the MeanFi team when organizing our Hackathon showcase. The amount of progress and detail they shared on our Discord stage was mind-blowing; this is a team that has a clear vision for the future of Banking and an abundance of talent to make it happen. When the MeanFi team shared their distribution goals for a wide, decentralized audience, we knew we had to help make this vision a reality by leveraging Grape Access.

DeanTheMachine, Cofounder of Grape DAO

Being able to count with Grape to make our community stronger and safer is a godsend. Working with the Grape Team has been an absolute joy, and they have become the gold standard for community management and security in Solana in a short time. The Mean DAO community is eternally grateful for their contributions to make DeFi accessible and safe for everyone.

Michel Triana, Co-Founder of Mean DAO

The gate-keeper for partner protocols’ airdrops

We have a 2,000,000 MEAN token allocation for partner protocols that will be distributed as follows:

Over the next 4–6 weeks, as we come closer to the $MEAN Token Generation Event (TGE), we’ll be revealing our partner protocol token holders for the airdrop one by one [👀], and with the help from the community ✅.

To claim the airdrop, users will validate their wallet eligibility using Grape tools and claim their respective allocation on (we’ll have more details as we get closer to TGE).

The Mean DAO and Grape communities will be running various games and contests to see if our fans can “guess” which protocol is going to be revealed on the next surprise 🎁

We want these protocol partners and Mean DAO to be able to mutually benefit each other from our products and communities in MEANINGFUL WAYS that align with our vision and mission.

Here👇👇👇 are some ideas of projects that can benefit from the Mean Protocol, to get the creative juices going.

WOW!!! This is a lot to digest, but we cannot be more excited about a future where money flows like water, and people enjoy simple everyday banking experiences powered by DeFi and the Mean Protocol.

🔥 🔥 🔥 Now LFG!!! 🚀 🚀 🚀

Stay tuned & get involved

We are excited about the future of the Mean DAO and our community in Solana. Stay in touch with our progress every week, and join the DeFi revolution by checking our website, joining the Mean DAO Discord, and following @MeanFinance on Twitter.



People and businesses from around the world can create and manage international accounts with thousands of assets like stables coins and tokens, as well as access to several capital products like deep liquidity markets, a decentralized exchange, and access to several investments.

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Mean DAO is the org behind the Mean Protocol and MeanFi, a self-custody, permissionless and trustless bank bringing Crypto and DeFi to everyday banking