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  • Jupiter is coming to MeanFi and will become the preferred liquidity aggregation layer for the Mean Exchange.
  • Mean DAO will be working with Jupiter to make it the first-ever aggregator able to perform swaps using Money Streams.
  • LFG!🤘🔥🚀

We are pleased to announce that Mean DAO and Jupiter Agg are partnering up to bring Jupiter’s performance and routing to users.

To many out there, this may seem odd at first, since MeanFi itself has built a liquidity aggregator that already services our tens of thousands of users with liquidity from Serum, Orca, Raydium, Mercurial, and Saber. The Mean Liquidity Aggregator works great and it was getting better, so what gives?

Let us explain why this is a match made in heaven.

A Crying Baby

Mean Protocol’s first contract and the root of our genesis was and has always been Money Streaming. As the team was building MeanFi all the way back in August 2021, we struggled to find ANY aggregator in Solana, or as least any we liked enough to make an investment in at the time. We’d hear complaints from our members about how they wanted a pool from this AMM and a pool from this other one. Every. Single. Day… like a baby crying non-stop. In the traditional fashion of crypto-courage, we drummed our chests like alpha apes and said: “Fuck it, let’s build it”, and so we did.

A New King In Town

Building an aggregator, and we say this from experience, is OMFG very very hard. While getting it started is simple, keeping it running efficiently is not… you have to keep adding AMMs, maintaining competitive routes, and optimizing the algo every time a new pool is added, or a new token is added, or a new AMM contract version gets released. All of this requires the full-time attention of a couple of engineers if you want to do this right in a sustainable way for a long time.

We knew about Jupiter when it came out. It made some waves first, and the more we tested the different routes and the speed, the more we fell in love with their approach and solution 😅. We knew something had to happen!

The teams met at the Solana Breakpoint Conference, in Lisbon, and it was funny at first, because we both felt a little uncomfortable in the relationship, since there was the lingering thought that we might end up going to war rather than working together. It soon subsided when the Jupiter team understood we were actually big fans, all while having a big aha moment and being impressed by the Mean vision and the tech we had built with Money Streams. Instant mutual fandom! 😍

A New Romance

Over the coming days and weeks, MeanFi will be replacing its liquidity aggregation engine with Jupiter’s. This means our users will get access to more tokens, with more routes, and more AMMs as they become available in the market, at lightning speed, with the same user experience they know and love today.

In addition to this, Jupiter is going to become the first Solana Liquidity Aggregator to be able to send and receive Money Streams from and to other protocols, making it a center point for liquidity across the ecosystem.

DeFi is amazing because of the capacity we have to make composable primitives that act as building blocks or money legos that the entire ecosystem can benefit from. To that extent, we consider Jupiter the best money lego any application could wish for when it comes to Liquidity Aggregation, and we are happy to see Jupiter supporting a future powered by Money Streams to make TVL fully liquid, streamable, and hyper capital-efficient.

“We are super pumped to be working with Mean DAO to help them bring their compelling vision of empowering money streaming applications on Solana to life. We are also delighted to be powering their swaps on MeanFi, allowing swaps done through their site and apps to be performed with maximum efficiency and best price. What’s more, the Mean DAO’s community-driven approach has been amazing to see and there is much for us to learn there!”

— Ben Chow, Co-Founder @ Jupiter Ag

“There are zero reasons for traders to use anything other than an aggregator. The savings both in time and costs afforded by Jupiter are unquestionable. We are super happy we can bring the most powerful liquidity aggregator in Solana to our MeanFi users.”

— Michel Triana, Co-Founder @ Mean DAO

Get Yourself Involved

Every new partner strengthens the Mean Community, and we are happy to welcome Jupiter to the family. Stay in touch with our progress every week, and join the DeFi revolution by checking our website, joining the Mean DAO Discord, and following @MeanFinance on Twitter.

Now… back to riding the Mean Rocket! LFG!!! 🤘 🔥 🚀



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