Mean DAO x Synthetify 🤝


  • SNY holders are eligible to be part of a 400k MEAN token airdrop
  • Mean DAO is bringing synthetic assets to users and institutions using the Synthetify Protocol
  • Synthetify is looking at implementing real-time asset distributions and contributions with Mean Protocol Money Streams and DCAs.


We are happy to announce an important partnership between Mean DAO and Synthetify for mutual integrations and to add Synthetify as an Airdrop Partner for the upcoming MEAN Community Airdrop.

Token holders of Synthetify’s native SNY would be eligible to receive an airdrop of 400,000 $MEAN tokens. To be eligible, SNY tokens must whitelist their address and validate their SNY holdings using Grape Access.

Beyond the Airdrop

Synthetify is a multi-collateral decentralized protocol for synthetic assets where users can mint, exchange, and burn different synthetic assets based on prices provided by a decentralized system of oracles.

At Mean DAO we just entered Stage 2 (Hayek) of our roadmap where we move the Mean Protocol and MeanFi closer to investors and retail investment workflows. Being able to offer our users a simple way to give their crypto-assets exposure to real-world ones like stocks or bonds, globally, in a fully trustless, permissionless, and self-custody fashion is a game-changer for Mean users, the Solana Ecosystem, and DeFi in general.

You can already foresee so many interesting use cases when you combine synthetics and money streams, like having the ability to mint/burn synthetics for cross-chain assets while they are moved over between two protocols in two different chains using money streams 😍 👀 🤯. The levels of capital efficiency now afforded by combining these two seemingly simple concepts are too powerful to ignore.

The partnership will first facilitate the offering of synthetic assets on Mean products using the Synthetify Protocol, as well as allow Synthetify to leverage Mean Protocol’s Money Streaming and automatic DCA programs directly on their platform.

“Time and money are valuable commodities of the modern world. Synthetify is proud of establishing a partnership with Mean DAO, which gives users the ability to save both time and money through DeFi automation with amazing money streaming tech.”

— Norbert Bodziony, CEO of Synthetify

“Having the ability to take any crypto assets on Solana and trade them against each other instantly by using their synthetic equivalent is one of the most powerful concepts investors can have access to. We are excited to work with Synthetify to bring these power features to the Mean Community.”

— Michel Triana, Co-Founder of Mean DAO

Get Involved

MeanFi is a user-friendly, self-custody, permissionless & trustless bank bringing crypto and DeFi to everyday banking workflows. It is powered by the Mean Protocol, which provides the foundations for developers to bring TradFi workflows into their DeFi web3 apps.

Get involved and stay in touch with our progress every week. You can join the DeFi revolution by checking our website, joining the Mean DAO Discord, and following @MeanFinance on Twitter.



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