There’s more to Meaning than Meaning

Make the most of your trip to Brighton with the Meaning Fringe

In addition to the big day on 17 November, there’s ‘Meaning Fringe’ — the gatherings, events and meet-ups that give the Meaning community a chance to make the most of our time together in Brighton.

Here are some Meaning Fringe events you might want to check out. For full details, locations and ticketing info, see the links…

Wednesday 16 November (the day before Meaning)

The role of founders in realising big ideas
9.45am — 4.30pm — venue TBC, central Brighton
Tom Nixon hosts one of his workshops helping founders and entrepreneurs deal with their big ideas, based on fascinating research.

Business with Purpose
6.00pm — 8.00pm — The Bevy pub — Moulescoomb, Brighton
Hosted by BHSEN and The Platform SE, a social and showcase to show off the best of Brighton’s social enterprises — businesses founded on solid social or environmental purpose.…

Friday 18 November (the day after Meaning)

Understanding the motivations of positive investors and savers
10.00am — 12.00pm — The Platform — Wagner Hall, central Brighton
Positive investment is a growing field, attracting much research. Investment platform Ethex are hosting this session, helping us better understand what it’s all about.…

If you’d life to host an event on the days either side of Meaning and have it included here please get in touch via

Or get planning for next year. With so many bright and brilliant people in town it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

Meaning is the annual gathering for people who believe business can and must be a force for positive change in our dynamic and volatile world.

At Meaning you’ll learn from the pioneers from the edges, who are driving change at the heart of business. And you’ll connect with like-minded peers who want to be part of the solution.

It’s happening on 17 November in Brighton, UK. Find out more via our website. Or follow us on Twitter.