Chinese Gaming Live-Stream Platform Huya beats Douyu in Revenue, With Fewer Paying Users

Cara Lui
Cara Lui
Sep 10 · 3 min read

Since major player Panda TV gone bankrupt in March, the Chinese gaming broadcast industry was left with Huya (Nasdaq: HUYA) and Douyu (Nasdaq: DOYU) competing neck and neck.

In July this year, Douyu got listed on Nasdaq and revealed in its Q2 report that the company is catching up with Huya’s 56 million MAU with its new 50 million record. But then, can the newbie Douyu also catch up with Huya, the first ever gaming live-stream stock, in terms of stock prices?

Huya and Douyu are popular live-stream platforms in China focusing on gaming broadcasts, available on both web and mobile. The pair of rivals strive for viewers by snatching exclusive streaming rights of tournaments and the nation’s hottest gamers.

The major portions of their income come from in-app purchases (IAP), where users obtain in-app currencies to buy virtual gifts for their favourite streamers. Both companies are backed by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Live broadcasts of popular games (e.g. League of Legends, DOTA2, CS:GO) on Douyu

As disclosed by their financial reports, Huya’s got a revenue of 2 billion with 170 million of net profit recorded. This is the 7th consecutive quarter Huya has recorded profit in. While Douyu has got a 1.8 billion revenue with 20 million of net profit, falling way behind Huya.

Similarly, from Measurable AI’s data, we can see that Huya has always led Douyu in IAP revenue over the first half of 2019, while having a significantly smaller amount of paying users than Douyu.

Paying Users Trend Index and Sales Trend Index from Measurable AI (Blue: Huya, Red: Douyu)

Huya’s much higher average paying user spend contributes to this seemingly interesting phenomenon. MAI’s data below shows us that Huya’s paying users spend 3 times more than Douyu’s on average.

Average Paying User Spend data from Measurable AI (1: Douyu, 2: Huya)

With Huya stably growing revenue and high user spend, we can definitely expect a positive prospect on the company, while Douyu might have to work a little harder to catch up with its big brother’s pace. Stay tuned for a detailed report comparing business strategies of Huya and Douyu.

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Originally published at on September 10, 2019.

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Cara Lui

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Cara Lui

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Say goodbye to endless market researches, focus on paying customers who actually matters.

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