4 Ways To Get Cashback On Ola Rides (Crypto Rewards)

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4 min readMay 25, 2022

4 Legit Ways To Save Money On Ola Rides (Cashback App, Credit Cards)

Whether you need a ride to the office or weekend parties, there’s an Ola for every occasion.

While you can earn cashback through designated credit cards, using RewardMe can help you double-dip your rewards.

Here are four money-saving ways to make your cab ride more affordable for Ola lovers like you!

1. RewardMe Cashback App

🌟 Key highlights for the RewardMe app:

  • Up to 10% cashback on Ola
  • Cashback as gift cards (eg. Amazon, Flipkart)
  • A monthly capping of USD 1,000 (~Rs. 77500) as an eligible amount to earn cashback

RewardMe is an unconventional reward app that covers 100+ merchants including Ola, Uber, Grab, and more!

Once you downloaded the app from AppStore or Google Play, you select Ola as your favorite merchant so you can earn as you spend on cab rides. By linking your email accounts, RewardMe automatically syncs the receipts to make sure you get the right amount of cashback. Cashbacks would be automatically transferred and no extra steps are required.

P.S. RewardMe can be applied on top of any credit cards, discount codes, or vouchers that you have already used, so do not hesitate to join us and earn that extra cash on every ride!

By just taking a quick minute to register for RewardMe, you could be racking up Reward Dollars to redeem gift cards for the spending you are already doing. (Use this referral link for an extra 25 Reward Dollars.)

2. OlaMoney SBI Credit Card

🌟 Key highlights for OlaMoney SBI Credit Card:

  • 7% cashback on all Ola rides
  • Cashback as Ola Money
  • Earn up to Rs. 500 cashback every month

Using Ola’s co-brand credit card can give you an impressive rate of cash rewards. In partnership with SBI Cards and Visa, the OlaMoney credit card offers 7% back on Ola Cab spending. The cashback rewards will be credited to the Ola Money wallet with no expiry date.

On top of Ola rides, this card gives 5% cashback on flight bookings, 10% on hotel bookings via Cleartrip, and 1% on every spend.

This card is a good option for customers who travel frequently using Ola and Cleartrip. As the cashback earned will be credited to the Ola Money wallet, you can avail of it for more rides and more rewards.

To learn more, please visit the official website.

3. Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card

🌟 Key highlights for Standard Chartered DigiSmart Credit Card:

  • 15% cashback on Ola cab rides (does not include bikes, auto, and ride-sharing booking)
  • Earn up to Rs. 600 cashback every month

Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card comes with rewards for online purchases including grocery, dining, and travel. Ola is one of its partner merchants. This card gives 15% cashback on Ola cab bookings with a monthly capping of Rs. 600.

With a low monthly fee (Rs. 49), this card is great for beginners and millennials for online shopping. DigitSmart card offers 20% off at Myntra, 10% off at Zomato, and more exciting deals.

For more information, please refer to the official website.

🌟 Key highlights for Axis Bank ACE Credit Card

4. Axis Bank ACE Credit Card

  • 4% cashback on Ola spends
  • No upper limit on cashback

Axis Bank ACE credit card offers unlimited cashback with a flat cashback rate of 2%. For Ola, Swiggy, and Zomato, cardholders can enjoy 4% cashback. In collaboration with Google Pay, ACE credit card offers 5% cashback on bill payments through Google Pay.

This card is suitable for shopaholics looking for cashback on the majority of daily purchases.

To learn more, please visit the official website.

Last tip: Watch out for limited-time offers

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Ola never runs out of promos and cashback offers, especially for digital payment platforms to encourage customers to “go cashless”.

Taking the previous Ola Cashless Carnival as an example, new Ola Wallet users got cashback up to Rs. 200 on Ola rides by using Amazon Pay, PhonePe Wallet, or Ola Money.

Find out more latest promotions by visiting Ola’s official website.

Originally published at https://blog.reward.me on May 25, 2022.