Biweekly Updates: Data Synchronizing Speeds Up; Updated MailTime Is Available On App Store


1.We have optimized data sync engine based on profiling results. The speed of data synchronizing is up to eight times faster while the CPU usage has been considerably reduced. Now about 800 accounts can be synced on one sync process. That means MailTime is able to provide data parsers with more real-time data in a shorter time with less energy, and hence generate more accurate and valuable consumer insights for data buyers.

2. The development of MDT’s data analysis platform, Measurable AI, remains on schedule. On the front end, the developing team is working on the infrastructure, meanwhile, most components for data analyzing pages have been finished. On the back end, engineers have added services to obtain locations and time zone data. They’ve also started to develop account page this week.

3. The latest version of MailTime iOS is available on App Store now! This is the biggest update for the past 12 months. The developing team rebuilt the email engines and now it syncs emails 10 times faster than before! The newest version also supports ALL email services, improves the push notification service, and it is compatible with iOS 12! Download and explore the latest version here! Click here to join MailTime’s Telegram group!

4. We have submitted MailTime Android version to SamSung Global App Store and the app has been approved! It will be available on this app store soon! MailTime Android version has been partnered with top American telecom carriers and noted Chinese smartphone makers as pre-installed email app, which brings millions of American and European users to MailTime. We will keep optimizing the app to provide a seamless experience for global mobile phone users.


1.MDT Founder Heatherm Huang was interviewed by blockchain Media CoinVoice. CoinVoice is one of the leading blockchain media in China devoted to providing professional and objective blockchain-related reporting. During the interview, Heatherm shared his personal story as a serial entrepreneur, and pointed out that the advantages MDT has is abundant resources of data and users from MailTime as well as data buyers from Measurable AI. “MDT aims to be Nielsen in blockchain industry,”said Heatherm.

2.MDT Founder Heatherm Huang wrote an op-ed article commenting Bullet Messenger, a text messaging app that becomes a hit in China recently. As an experienced serial entrepreneur who created the first push to talk instant messenger in China, Heatherm analyzed the challenges and fierce competitions that might keep Bullet Messenger from further expanding its markets in China and abroad. The article was published on 36 Kr, the most influential tech media in China, and it immediately went trending and sparked discussions over the controversial and popular text messaging app on the platform.


The fresh new MDT Bounty Program kicked off on August 16th. This time, to spice things up, we turn this bounty into a Game! We are offering total 1,000,000 MDT in the bounty game to those who love and care to contribute to MDT community.

During the past four weeks, we are so excited to see a lot of passionate MDT supporters participating in this game, and big congratulations to the weekly winners!

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About MDT

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data exchange economy connecting users, data providers, and data buyers and denominates the value of data. MDT compensates users for sharing anonymous big data while providing data buyers and providers with a more efficient and impartial trading model. The team previously built MailTime, an email app with over 7 million users, which is also the first use case of MDT ecosystem. MDT is now listed on OKEx,, FCoin, Bancor Network and

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