How To Earn Cashback in Crypto For Steam Games 🎮

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3 min readMay 16, 2022

Get up to 10% on every Steam purchase back with RewardMe.

If you’re a gamer, you have a very specific purchase habit for your entertainment. Buying games or skins on Steam can be a huge investment. Now, how should you get extra cashback for purchasing Steam games?

Mainstream cashback platforms hardly ever provide rewards for gaming purchases on Steam. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that gamers cannot earn any cashback at all.

Follow the below steps and you’ll earn a little kickback every time you swipe your credit card on Steam.

Sign up for RewardMe (free app)

RewardMe is an innovative cashback app that grants you rewards every time you shop with your selected merchants, including Steam, App Store, and a hundred more well-known stores.

You can download RewardMe on the App Store or Google Play. It supports 11 languages and more than 100 merchants worldwide. Use my referral link to download and get 25 Reward Dollars for free!

Are you still struggling with how to sign up? Check out this detailed tutorial: How to sign up for RewardMe in minutes — Shop & earn rewards automatically!

Bind your credit card to earn

To obtain cashback rewards from Steam purchases, you need to bind the credit card that you usually use for Steam payments. RewardMe syncs your credit card receipts to gift you cashback on Steam purchases.

Don’t worry! Your card will be securely linked and all data is encrypted. Only anonymized transactional data points will be automatically aggregated.

Extra Tips: If you want to earn extra cashback from other selected merchants such as Uber and Deliveroo, simply bind your email and get rewarded from the e-receipts.

Just shop on Steam as normal and automatically get rewards

Once you’ve finished setting up a RewardMe account, you are good to go.

Whenever you complete your purchase on the Steam Store, RewardMe automatically syncs transactions and you will see the cashback details on Rewards Summary. (Generally, it takes around 14 days from the date of your eligible transaction.)

Besides, a higher tier of membership enables you with a much higher rate of cashback, up to 10%. To upgrade, you can either bind more emails, invite more friends to RewardMe, or join the staking program.

Cash-out by redeeming gift cards

What’s next? You can cash out the ME Tokens or Reward Dollars by choosing e-gift cards from a plethora of merchants. RewardMe provides vouchers from notable brands like Amazon, eBay, Google Play, and more.

Isn’t it fascinating to redeem Amazon gift cards to get more Steam games for free? RewardMe is great for gamers because it offers unlimited cashback on Steam with a cashback rate of up to 10% without hassle.

Start earning passive income while enjoying video games.

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