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How to Join the $ME Airdrop?

Hi, community! Your most anticipated Airdrop is coming soon next month! Get ready before it’s too late!

How to join the $ME airdrop:

1, Download RewardMe App and successfully bind your account (email or credit card)

2, Deposit $MDT into the RewardMe App (through Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain)

3, April 15th will be the Screenshot Day (Make sure you have deposited your $MDT in RewardMe app by April 15th)

4, On April 20th, You will automatically receive $ME airdrop in the RewardMe app!


1, What’s $ME?

There are 3 types of tokens in the ecosystem, Measurable Data Token (MDT) as the currency for data value exchange; Measurable Data Point (MDP) as the NFT for data ownership and liquidity and RewardMe Token (ME) for shopping rewards and social governance. Each ME Token holder is a member of the decentralized ME community, who can propose, vote, and impact the product development, and future directions of ME.

2, How to withdraw $ME?

Currently, the $ME token is not officially launched yet. We encourage our early adopters to start earning shopping and staking rewards to pre-mine the $ME tokens during this Pre-Mining period. When it officially goes live, users will be able to withdraw their $ME tokens via the app.

3, How to withdraw $MDT?

You can withdraw $MDT to Binance through the Binance Smart Chain, the direct withdraw feature will have launched before the Airdrop day!

4, How many $ME tokens to be airdropped?

Every 10 $MDT will get 1 $ME token airdrop. The maximum cap of 25m $ME is to be airdropped

5, How can I earn more $ME tokens?

The Me Token is now available from the one and only RewardMe app. RewardMe is a shopping reward app that allows users to earn cashback in both cryptocurrency or cash. You can now earn $ME shopping rewards by binding your accounts (email or credit card) in the RewardMe app, or join the Staking Program in the app to earn up to 20% p.a. MDT Stake Rewards.


MDT official website:



Stay Tuned! See you next week!



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