MDT(Measurable Data Token) Monthly Update Report (2022) — Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 min readFeb 14, 2022

Dear MDT Community, Happy Valentines’s Day! Welcome to the MDT updates of February. In the past few weeks, the team has been working on some new products as well as multiple revamps on our ecosystem applications. Let’s get started:

  1. Baking RewardMe App New Update

The team have been working very hard on the next version of RewardMe App! We’ll be adding some new features, as well as improving the overall security for the app. It might also look very different for some of the pages! So get ready!

Sneak Peak of the new RewardMe Flow!

Apart from that, RewardMe will be supporting some new languages and merchants as well.

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Also new cashback tips:

2. Technical Annual Security Assessment and Audit

Security is the upmost matter to MDT as a data ecosystem, every year our tech team will run security assessment with third party security audit firms. To achieve that, we have worked to realise strict security standards (to list a few):

  • Strong Software Development Lifecycle: developers training on common vulnerabilities (e.g., OWASP Top 10), the code quality control process, and deployment approval. A dedicated person pushed deployments to production.
  • Monitoring: authentication log management to detect suspicious activities and generate alerts. Using resources such as CloudWatch in AWS to help stop fraudulent behaviour
  • Security Awareness Program: employees training on basic security principles, which helped to strengthen global security posture and involved all employees in the company's security
  • Network Segmentation: Segmentation between networks and environments effectively prevented unauthorised access to sensitive networks and assets.

3. Measurable AI’s Latest Data Reports

Check the latest data reports from Measurable AI, which are only possible because of every single user of this decentralised data ecosystem. In the new year, MAI’s data panel will continue grow in more markets including Middle east, latin America, and Japan.

4. MeFi New Use Case

The MeFi team is now working with Dapp developers on a new platform which will potentially be built on MeFi, leveraging the on-chain capital market data. Stay tuned with the new use cases of MeFi!

5. MailTime new update and website revamp!

Our favourite MailTime has a new look. The team has been revamping the MailTime website for the past month and it will soon be ready with more smooth experience on both mobile and desktop. A sneak peak only for the MDT community! New languages support including Arabic, Japanese will be added into the latest MailTime app.

*** Hiring! Software Engineer!

We are hiring software engineers in our Hong Kong office!


Design and implement RESTful API for both external and internal users

Have the ability to balance high response, stable and efficient code with attractive and functional aesthetics

Work together with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

Create and execute unit tests on your code, to ensure its robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

Troubleshoot issues, fix bugs, and improve application performance


0–3+ years software development experience

Solid knowledge of Golang/Python/Java

Solid knowledge of MySQL or MongoDB

Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience

Good communication skills

Preferred Experiences

Experience with iOS/Android development

Experience developing scalable systems on AWS, Azure or other cloud platforms

Experience with CI/CD, containerization, telemetry, monitoring and alerting


MDT official website:



Stay Tuned! See you next update!