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MDT(Measurable Data Token) Update Report ( 2021 July Week 1)

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Note: Please beware that scammers may impersonate MDT team members. Our team members will only reply with users in the chat and DO NOT PM users first privately. Please read the pinned message carefully in our Telegram group.


  1. MEFI Oracle

The MEFI oracle project is almost ready to launch! In the past weeks, the team has been testing extensively in live scenarios to make sure it works for all developers. We have also finished the first demo dapp. This Dapp will serve as a demo to help early adopters to understand the oracle access flow. The first dapp use case will also be available on the MEFI website in the future.

Please stay tuned!

The MEFI project aims to contribute financial data from the major capital markets to public blockchains, and empower the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem with reliable financial data on-chain.

2. RewardMe App

  1. SMS Bug issue

To users who are having trouble receiving SMS codes: This might happen to users from specific regions (to list a few: Turkey, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia), and we are fixing this issue together with the SMS service provider. Sorry for the trouble, but we promise we’ll soon have it solved!

If need any urgent CS help, please contact us in the Telegram Group:

2. New localization support and new update

Coming next:

  • New RewardMe Blog is launching! Users can also contribute to our blog and share their own personal finance tricks or tips!
  • RewardMe in more languages
  • SNS feature: adding Instagram and more to earn the extra task
  • Gift Card feature: We’re working hard to make it happen soon, pls stay tuned, details will announce soon on Twitter!

3. Hiring! Software Engineer

We are hiring software engineers in our Hong Kong office!


Design and implement RESTful API for both external and internal users

Have the ability to balance high response, stable and efficient code with attractive and functional aesthetics

Work together with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

Create and execute unit tests on your code, to ensure its robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

Troubleshoot issues, fix bugs, and improve application performance


0–3+ years software development experience

Solid knowledge of Golang/Python/Java

Solid knowledge of MySQL or MongoDB

Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience

Good communication skills

Preferred Experiences

Experience with iOS/Android development

Experience developing scalable systems on AWS, Azure or other cloud platforms

Experience with CI/CD, containerization, telemetry, monitoring and alerting

4. New alternative data research: Food Delivery Market in Hong Kong

This week, the Measurable team published another new alternative data research reports covering an emerging star: Grab. Thanks to all the opt-in users in our $MDT data ecosystem from both @TheRewardMe&@MailTimeApp from all over the world, data reports like this can never happen without you. You make this happen!

MDT Stats

The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of July 1st, 16:40 PM (SGT)


MDT official website:



Stay Tuned! See you next update!



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