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MDT(Measurable Data Token) Weekly Report: 2020 September — Week 4


  1. MDT’s very own ecosystem app MailTime wins the Asia Smart App Awards 2020.

The Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA), follows up on the fruitful Asia Smart Apps Contests, organizes the Asia Smart App Awards (ASA) 2020, the 7th Edition of the award scheme, with funding support from Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. By uniting 15 co-organizers from Cambodia (New Participant), Israel, India (New Participant), Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mainland, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka ,Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, the WTIA carries this auspicious occasion to further encourage the development of the expanding smart application industry.

2. Thursday AMA for this month is rescheduled to this Thursday September 24th 19:00 PM SGT . Questions can be submitted through our Telegram Chat Group and will be collected during the week.


  1. MYMDT Data Wallet
  2. - Enhance UX of changing ETH address.

Minimum withdraw fee raised to 500 MDT, due to the volatility of the Ethereum gas, we will adjust it dynamically in recent weeks. The average process time is around 7–9 days in recent week, please arrange for micro transactions on Ethereum wisely.

  • Maintenance (Due to Trustwallet’s recent updated change on its browser, to withdraw trough Trustwallet in MyMDT is not available at the moment, however, if you are using the Enterprise version of Trustwallet app, it works fine. )

2. New Independent App

Front End: Complete integration of 3rd party credit card data partners
Front End: Finish push notification support.
Front End: Finish Membership detail page.
Back End: Finish push notification support.
Sync Server: Support Credit Brazil credit card has been complete.
Sync Server: Enhance the logging system to prepare for alpha launch.

3. Measurable AI Alternative Data Platform

  • New partnership with third party alternative data marketplace
  • Data productization flow on new tickers
  • Keep building the Data Validation Flow


ØNote: For circulation supply, please refer to the numbers on Binance Research Page —

Ø Holders

The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of September 21, 11:06 am (SGT)

Ø The Telegram Global community is growing rapidly

MDT’s global telegram community is growing. We also started our Turkish group : , and Chinese group:

Please join our global telegram community


Note: Please beware that scammers may impersonate MDT team members. Our team members will only reply with users in the chat, and do not usually PM users privately. Please read the pinned message carefully in our Telegram group.


MDT official website:


Stay Tuned! See you next week!



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