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MDT(Measurable Data Token) Weekly Report: 2021 January— Week 2

Ø Welcome to The Telegram Global community

MDT’s global telegram community is growing. We also started our Turkish group : , and Chinese group:

Please join our global telegram community


Note: Please beware that scammers may impersonate MDT team members. Our team members will only reply with users in the chat and DO NOT PM users privately. Please read the pinned message carefully in our Telegram group.


1. RewardMe — happening soon!

We are in the very last few weeks before RewardMe officially launches on the app store!


  1. MYMDT Data Wallet
  • Enhance UX of changing ETH address.

Minimum withdraw fee raised to 500 MDT, due to the volatility of the Ethereum gas, we will adjust it dynamically in recent weeks. The average process time is around 20 days, please arrange for micro transactions on Ethereum wisely.

  • Maintenance (Due to Trustwallet’s recent updated change on its browser, to withdraw trough Trustwallet in MyMDT is not available at the moment, however, if you are using the Enterprise version of Trustwallet app, it works fine. IMToken or Metamask is also available)

Note: The gift code and task functions will also be available in our new independent app RewardMe, so these functions on MyMDT will be removed in the future.

2. The RewardMe App

  • Finalizing the website, explainer video, store listing information
  • iOS version has been submitted to the App Store and pending for review
  • Fixing UI bugs
  • Adding FAQ, Support page.

Welcome to our new RewardMe Community :

3. Mefi & Measurable AI

The team is evaluating the new infrastructure for Mefi oracle and its integration with Measurable AI’s very own alternative data offerings.

Measurable AI is working on new data offering with new third party partnerships. Other than e-receipts and credit-card transactional data, the team is evaluating new alternative data types such as survey data, and other market insights information.


The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of Jan 15th, 09:00(SGT)


MDT official website:


Stay Tuned! See you next week!



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