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MDT Updates: 2020 June— Week 1: MDT listed on Binance, Poloniex, MyMDT users surged in last week

Every Thursday, the MyMDT data wallet distributes data rewards to users enrolled in the MDT ecosystem, and we call it “Data Reward Thursday”.

This week, the MyMDT Dapp ranks as 3rd place on the Ethereum network, according to the third-party Dapp platform Dapp. Review and Dapp Radar.

Latest News

2. On June 6th, MDT is officially listed on Poloniex. A trading contest is also going on at Poloniex, read more at


1. MyMDT Data Wallet

Users of MyMDT data wallet increased significantly last week. The number of active users increased by 2% week-on-week, and the weekly growth rate increased by 30 times. Tasks done:

§ Backend optimisation to handle the increasing amount of new users

§ Fixed the SMS code issues for users from certain countries

§ Fixed the issue for Login error on some Android devices

§ Optimize security settings

This week, MyMDT Dapp ranks as 3rd place on the Ethereum network, according to third-party platform Dapp. Review and Dapp Radar.

Learn more about MyMDT Data Wallet here

2. Development of the new “independent app”

To help the ecosystem grow and sustain, in 2020 we started another project for MDT. We are now working on an independent new app that serves similar but more powerful functions as the “MyMDT Data Wallet”. This will help the MDT ecosystem gain more mainstream users and offer more features and scenarios for users in the data exchange economy.

The app is now under development open-sourced, check out the Github page:

Ø Progress this week:

§ Start the development of Android version

§ Adding support to more merchant’s API

§ UI enhancements

§ Support multiple currencies

§ Fix known bugs during the login process.

§ MailTime SDK implementation with the new app

MDT Statistics

Ø Holders

The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of June 8th, 2020, 11:00AM :

MDT Community

Ø The Telegram Global community is growing rapidly

MDT’s global telegram community is growing rapidly, now exceeding 11,000 group members. We also started our Turkish group : now with over 300 members. Please join our global telegram community


Ø About MDT

MDT official website:


Stay Tuned!



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