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MDT Updates: 2020 June — Week 2: Roadmap Updated, New App’s User Research Starts Soon

Every Thursday, the MyMDT data wallet distributes data rewards to users enrolled in the MDT ecosystem, and we call it the “Data Reward Thursday”.

Latest News

  1. The Roadmap for 2020–2021 has been updated on our website.

For the next following months, we will be focusing on the new independent app to create more data reward scenarios for the MDT ecosystem.

In 2021, our focus will be to engage more data partners into the ecosystem and to realize decentralized data storage.

2. We will be announcing our first user research on the new independent app soon this week. Please stay tuned for more details.

3. MDT's very own data analytics branch Measurable AI recently started a new project to benchmark e-commerce industry by available datasets. Data reports on relative industry will come soon on


  1. MyMDT Data Wallet
  • Development on security enhancement to prevent zombie account attack
  • Rebuild the MyMDT Bot on Telegram to improve the process
  • Redesign the on-boarding tasks

Note: The withdraw process is taking longer in recent weeks due to massive fake accounts and suspicious activities. Users with duplicate fake accounts will be suspended.

Github Link Here

2. The New Independent App

  • Integration with MailTime Login SDK on React Native
  • React Native SDK improvement for iOS 10 compatibility
  • First alpha version for Team goes live, will start internal test this week

Github Link Here


ØNote: For circulation supply, please refer to the numbers on Binance Research Page —

Ø Holders

The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of June 15th, 2020, 15:08 PM (SGT):


Ø The Telegram Global community is growing rapidly

MDT’s global telegram community is growing rapidly, now exceeding 11,000 group members. We also started our Turkish group : now with over 300 members. Please join our global telegram community


Note: Please beware that scammers may impersonate MDT team members. Our team members will only reply with users in the chat, and do not usually PM users privately. Please read the pinned message carefully in our Telegram group.

Ø New AMA this week

Our co-founder Heatherm will be joining a live-streaming AMA with Digifinex exchange this week. Details here:


MDT official website:


Stay Tuned! See you next week!



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