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MDT(Measurable Data Token) Updates: 2020 June — Week 4

Latest News

1. New Engineer Joins MDT Team !

We are thrilled to have a new team member on board this week! Tiger Li graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in information engineering. He will be joining our data team and taking care of new data product development.

More stories about Tiger will come soon later this week on MDT’s blog page! Stay tuned!

2. MDT’s data analytics branch Measurable AI publishes a series of new data insights on different industries and companies, this week the stories focus on the particular industry of food-delivery. Stories will be published on Measurable AI’s data insights blog and also will be sent through newsletters on a monthly bassis. All the data included in the data reports are from users who opted in the MDT data exchange economy.

3. Twitter Campaign Winners Announcement

Thanks all for joining our twitter campaign in June. The award distribution will start later tonight. Details will be sent to users in email.

Prize details: 100 MDT ($1) for all 10 winners split 100,000 MDT ($1k)

4. AMA session with Digifinex: Unveil Covid-19 Imapcts with Alternative Data” happened last week on Zoom. During the AMA live, Heatherm from MDT team shared some of the new findings about several industries during covid-19 from our data panel. A text version of the AMA will be published by Digifinex on their blog soon.

5. MDT joins OKEx’s joint campaign with 5 listed tokens for the Dragon Boat Festival.


  1. MyMDT Data Wallet
  • Fixed the bug causing MDT Data reward status show incorrectly
  • Spam email prevention finished. Waiting for code review and will deploy this week
  • User experience enhancement.

2. The New Independent App

  • Internal Alpha Test Finished, changed the flow for users to choose the way of rewards
  • UI Copy polish, will run A/B Testing for crypto and non-crypto versions

3. Measurable AI Alternative Data Platform

  • New data feed for systematic trading is under development
  • Data cleaning for mapping a larger ticker list
  • New coverage summary updated


ØNote: For circulation supply, please refer to the numbers on Binance Research Page —

Ø Holders

The chart below shows the top 10 holders’ addresses of MDT on Etherscan, as of June 29 16:00 PM (SGT)

Ø The Telegram Global community is growing rapidly

MDT’s global telegram community is growing rapidly. We also started our Turkish group : , and Chinese group:

Please join our global telegram community


Note: Please beware that scammers may impersonate MDT team members. Our team members will only reply with users in the chat, and do not usually PM users privately. Please read the pinned message carefully in our Telegram group.


MDT official website:


Stay Tuned! See you next week!



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