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Young Data Scientist Jocelyn Yang Joins MDT!

We are thrilled to announce another new member of the MDT team! Jocelyn Yang, a young aspiring data scientist with a background in both economics and statistics, is now embarking on a blockchain adventure with us!

Before joining MDT, Jocelyn was a research assistant at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University working on incentive mechanism design on the blockchain. She previously graduated from Nankai University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a master’s degree in the same discipline with a focus on statistics.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself to the MDT community?

Hi! This is Jocelyn, I now work as a data scientist in the MDT team, focusing on equity research and data analytics. Before joining the MDT team, I worked as a research assistant in PolyU conducting research on blockchain, specifically on the incentive mechanism, which is quite related to what MDT is doing! In addition to academic research, I also worked as an industry research intern at several firms, including GF Securities, Founder Securities, Nielsen, and CCB. It so happened that my previous experiences are somewhat connected to the products of the MDT ecosystem.

2. What makes you interested in Blockchain?

There is a saying in Game of Thrones that goes: the information in people’s mail is more valuable than their money in the wallet. I can’t agree more. Today, people’s behavior generates massive valuable information and how to use these data properly becomes a problem. Blockchain provides a great mechanism to solve this problem and eliminate people’s trepidation. Massive data can be encrypted by Hash, resulting in anonymous data without revealing the specific personal information of the provider.

New applications of blockchain in various industries are emerging exponentially, and this intrigues me. I want to be part of it and benefit from the function of safety and fast-speed of blockchain technology.

3. Could you tell us a story that thrilled you the most about data science?

There are times when I have to acquire a new tool to do different data work since every software has its strengths and limits. For example, I do data processing with Stata and Excel during my undergraduate time, mainly focusing on regression. Later, I learned Matlab to do simulations and to visualize the result. And now, I use Tableau to generate consumer behavior insights in much more creative ways. Though struggled at the beginning with each tool, I become so proud of myself when I finally am proficient in them!

4. Why MDT, how do you like the MDT ecosystem?

I chose MDT because I think it is a promising project in a promising industry. Also, I really enjoy the working atmosphere. Colleagues are friendly to new-comer and the office environment is very beautiful.

I think the MDT ecosystem is mutually beneficial to both the project itself and the users. It is like a second-hand market. If users keep their information private, it lies there and won’t create any value. However, if they provide their aggregated information anonymously to us, we will make good use of them and reward our users with cryptocurrency! I think that’s a mutually beneficial circle.

5. Your favorite things!

I am fond of cooking, watching movies, and shopping (hahahaha). I enjoy the process of baking the most, mixing a pile of raw materials into a dough and using a fermentation machine to make them bigger, and then put the dough into an oven. Though it takes a long time, I feel warm and satisfactory when the oven is turned on, filling the house with the aroma of bread.


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