8 Baahubali lessons to become an influential person

Epic image — Courtesy Bollywood Hungama

We all have loved the movie starring Prabhas and Anushka Shetty. The enormous amount of graphics and excellent background music has not only thrilled me personally but I still recite ‘Amrendra Baahubali yani mein!’ and I can hear the audience going wild!

However, I asked to myself, what makes Baahubali’s character so special? Why does he stand as an influential figure, not only to the story writer but also to the audience? I admit, I had to rewatch the tale but this time when an analyst’s eye (I still enjoyed it and I still roared and whistled in the theater).

Crown of Mahishmati

What makes Baahubali is not his victory in every event. If you have watched the first part, you will know that Baahubali’s army was nowhere near the army of Kalakeya, they were clearly outnumbered and were more savage than any other enemy they’ve ever faced. The Pindari attacked at the middle of a night. He faced constant injustice due to politics, yet, he emerged from all of them and wherever he landed, he was the King. Once a king, always a king.

Don’t concentrate on politics, concentrate on your work

Baahubali and Bhallaldeva

Baahubali was a victim of ‘politics’, which happens in every office, country, joint household and kingdoms. He was given almost no resources to fight his part of the war, whilst Bhallaldeva had access to killer machines. Still Baahubali managed to give a lasting impact. No matter how badly you are being played at, if you are focused, the external forces can do you no harm. Guaranteed.

Test your theory before putting it into practice

Testing the sphere’s distance

I understand you, programmer. I feel you, internet user. When a website goes down or apps behaves as it shouldn’t have, it is the lack of testing. Same is when any company’s process, including their customer service satisfaction scores to sales measurement. When untested methods are applied the rate of failure increases. There are more number of people who will read the sent email from ‘Sent items’ than there are those who will decide to re-read an email before sending it. If you are the latter one, you have my respect, pat on your back. In the scene when Baahubali sets everyone ablaze, he first decides to test the reach of his hook balls (I have named it) and the distance they can travel, ones he sees the reach, he decides to set everyone ablaze with his gigantic flammable tent cloths.

Self motivate and motivate others when everything goes down

When Kalakeyas broke the barrier created by Kattapa and Kalakeya took over, no only was it the end of the war but also lost morals among the ones who decided to fight. Baahubali declared his philosophy on ‘death’ and what death or losing means. He took over the fight unto himself and people joined the forces.

Do and others will follow.

When the darkness looks darker than the night, you need to be the sunshine, the first spark! When that happens, you will know that you are the star.

Take a step back before crashing hard

Take a step back.

The most common misconception about success is — self motivation. Motivation does not help you reach the end goal or focal point all the time.

My friend once rightly said,

Motivational speeches are like fuel, not the steering wheel. — Keval Domadia

Motivation does not push you towards success. What helps you reach success is a sound mind! When your mind is overwhelmed, it can make you do things which you may regret later. Never promise when you are happy and never write letters when you are angry. Baahubali was motivated to destroy the Kalakeya leader (his end goal in the battle) and so did Bhallaldeva but when faced with a human shield, Baahubali took a step back whilst Bhallaldeva continued charging. Sometimes, in your life, to make the right decisions, you must learn to take a step back and then pounce with all you’ve got!

Don’t be a hero all the time.

Baahubali playing dumb

In a second part of the film, Baahubali could have introduced as him but chose to be deceptive and took the role of an idiot who knows nothing. It is normal human tendency to show their worthiness even when it is not required. I often come across people who talk about the achievements when I haven’t asked about them. I call it self boasting and it is a total loser approach. Seriously, just don’t!

Become a hero when circumstances demand

Baahubali lifts chariot to save Kumar Verma and also displays his strength

Baahubali showed his artistic legendary 3 arrow skills when the time was right. Can afford to sign a million dollar cheque? Sign it when there is a real world crisis. Know kung fu? Don’t do fancy kicks in the air, save your girl in the bar. Know the best way to code or give life advice? Give it when there is a real need. Understand that ‘being hero’ is also a matter of ‘demand and supply’.

If there are no aliens invading us, we don’t need a superman.

If your neighborhood complains are regular mugging, become a billionaire and open few schools to educate people, you will get rid of crime in just one generation!

Help an underdog, don’t laugh at them

Baahuli teaches Kumar Verma to be brave

Baahubali could have belittled Kumar Varma in front of everyone and displayed his fancy skills but instead when the time was right, he encouraged Kumar Verma to become the man he is. Every person whom you come across has a talent which the world is unaware about. All they need a little push. Also, do not fight their battle. Baahubali asks Kumar to save the ladies but does not fight on his behalf. The best part about being influential is in the name, learn to ‘influence’ people around you.

Learn about circumstances. Don’t judge quickly.

Kattapa stabs Baahubali in the back

Finally, many of us do this. We do not forgive backstabbers. Admit it,

Kattapa Backstabbed Baahubali — Still everyone holds him as a second hero!

Don’t judge quickly, having said that, don’t forget either. We all know who killed Baahubali and after nearly 2 years we came to know why! Who is judging? Circumstances can make a person do beyond their wish. Do not create an indifference based on one incident.

Once a king, always a king!

Become the person you think is the hero.

Jai Mahishmati!
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