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Alien — The Mystery from The Unknown

Nobody knows the origin of the Alien Mecha race. Aliens are mysterious Mecha that host a futuristic and scientific body. They were put together by the refugees of a small voluntary group from a crash site, where parts came from unknown sources.

Witnessing the overwhelming destructive power of extraterrestrial objects, the inventor’s team considers Alien to be unrivalled.

The Aliens have a magical yet mysterious ability as their body parts are built from materials outside of the Earth. Not only are Aliens highly active and agile in combat but they also specialize in using destructive weapons to surprise their enemy, to gain a huge advantage in battles. No one knows where exactly the Alien’s body parts come from, just that they are more advanced in technology, and they possess high intelligence.

Human beings have long been obsessed with, well, Aliens. They think that outside beings have far more power and technology that humans can even fathom. As an inevitable result, the Alien Mechas takes the shape of foreign beings, a strange lifeform.

Alien from scratch

The first Mecha in the Alien race, whose name was inspired by where it was born: from the crack of the galaxy center, is Rifter. Rifter is among the Alien mecha with high attack and energy levels but low defense ability. However, when an Alien attacks, its deadly damage can totally make up for the low level of defensiveness.

Possessing a high adaptability to many different battle situations, Rifter possess such an advanced recovery rate that they are not likely to be killed easily if the enemies can totally destroy their main core. One of the interesting characteristics that makes Rifter so unique is that they enjoy being a troublemaker, provoking a war therefore distracting the army of the enemies.

Rifter is also among one of the Mechas that prefer melee and energy weapons. They are designed with a tremendous fist, which helps them in killing the enemies in one shot. The design team is also said to allow Rifter to use chain saw and siege cannon as the main weapon use case.

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