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Mech Master IDO Date Changed as a Neccessary Step to Move Faster

Dear Mech Master Community,

We, the development team of Mech Master, the ambitious NFT gaming project, always strive for the best to bring our beloved project to the market.

We also run with time to make it happen as soon as possible to meet the requirements of our investors and to satisfy the craving of our players. We’ve been working so hard to deliver while expectations and demand are going up really high.

We have set an IDO date on the 24th of September to fill all those tick boxes. However, we realize it’s time to take a step a little bit slower to be faster and to make sure we create the best value for our $MECH token.

We’ll show our Mechas, its moon land and components by starting releasing them in NFT on the 24 of September. This approach is another affirmation of trust in the projects, to show everyone we are the doers and have been doing hard to make every promise become reality.

Therefore, the new date of our IDO is on 24th of October.

Stay tuned with us. The upcoming excitement is going to happen soon, and it will be more thrilling than the IDO itself.

Best regards,

Mech Master Team



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Mech Master

Mech Master

Mech Master is a Turn-Based RPG Strategy game where you bring the future technology to build your territory and protect the homeland.