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Partnership Announcement: Mech Master <> Creo Engine

With the rise of GameFi, multiple projects come to light almost every day. In order for Mech Master to sustain itself in this competitive space, having a thrilling gameplay, well-executed NFTs, and a stunning background setup are primary, however, a well-known gaming hub for Mech Master to launch on is equally important. Thus, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Creo Engine, a gaming platform where GameFi developer can establish their game to their user base.

Creo Engine is a gaming blockchain platform similar to Steam. The platform is called CreoPlay and it hosts a library of web3 games. Game developers are able to integrate their games into the platform. All the games on the platform can connect through the Asset/NFT Interoperability feature. A marketplace is also available to accommodate players’ transactions.

We are certain that this partnership will bring great traffic to our game. Through a Web3 gaming platform like this, players will have easier access to Mech Master, and our amazing gameplay and Mechas will do their job to promote the project through word-of-mouth. Additional to that, we want to seize the opportunity to create a more vibrant environment for the gaming enthusiast and strengthen the communities of both Creo Engine and Mech Master. Mechers will also be introduced to more high-quality Web3 games on CreoPlay that they can enjoy and earn from as CreoPlay offers a collection of web3 games from all over the world.

A gaming hub would be a more direct approach for Mech Master to gain a larger exposure to the right community and targeted audience. It is no doubt one of the best options we have to reach out to more GameFi players and build our reputation. We believe the future is brighter with this partnership and we look forward to it excitedly!

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About Mech Master

Mech Master is a AAA 3D NFT game that features giant robots called Mechas. Its turn-based strategy nature allows players to plan their tactics to win the intensive PvP battles. Assemble a squad of Mechas, equip them with deadly weapons, and attach them to clever leaders, aka Pilots, and you are good to join the game.

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Mech Master

Mech Master


Mech Master is a Turn-Based RPG Strategy game where you bring the future technology to build your territory and protect the homeland.