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Understanding The Differences Between Light Holders and Strong Holders in Mech Master Moon Race

Moon Race will commence at 1.00 PM (UTC) on November 24, 2021. We have been receiving multiple questions from the community. One of the frequent questions that Mech Master received from the community is “What are the differences between Light Holders and Strong Holders?”.

Thus, we would like to share the below information so that you will have a clearer understanding and comparison between Light Holders and Strong Holders.

The longer token lock time, the bigger rewards you can get!

Light Holders will lock MECH tokens in one month with a cap number of rewards. Their registered Mechas will keep on the race until January 22, 2022, so Light Holders will be prompted to re-stake tokens to increase their Mecha rankings.

Otherwise, Strong Holders will lock MECH tokens in three months with unlimited rewards on their running track.

Strong Holders get extra Profile rewards after 90 laps

Everyone might know that there is endless fun in Mech Master Moon Race. Strong Holder can even get more Profile rewards after the 90th lap. On the other hand, there will be no Profile rewards allocated for Light Holder after 90 laps, however, we will keep counting the ranking points for these players.

You cannot change your running track during the race. So choose wisely, Mechers!

Different rewards for Light and Strong Holders

There will be more plentiful rewards over the line of Strong Holders. Find out more details about the difference in our article Moon Race Reward Details.

What’s more, some unique goodies are only up for grabs in Moon race for Strong Holders such as Ultra Rare Pilots and Frames.

Extra takeaways before you join Mech Master Moon Race

  1. Players who stake MECH tokens in the first 7 days (since the game starts on November 24th) will receive Nitro Speed, an exclusive privilege for our early runners. This is a unique fuel to automatically boost Mechas with 20%. Stake MECH tokens in your Mecha now and enjoy this one-time-only Nitro Boost.
  2. Mechas competing in Moon Race can be summoned in Mech Master’s official game launched in Q1 2022.
  3. Mecha owners are prompted to unlisted Mechas on Game Market before registering for Moon Race event. Furthermore, these mecha running in the race can be listed on Game Market afterward.

Wrapping up

Understanding the differences between Light and Strong Holders is the best way to plan your strategies to get these brilliant pilots and other impressive perks. There are no limit slots on Moon Race, so choose your running line wisely, talented Mechers!

With such a great number of lucrative rewards, we believe that the first season of Mech Master Moon Race will be epic for our community!

The event will start at 1.00 PM (UTC) November 24, 2021. Do not miss your chance to take on the most invaluable pilots and bring glories to your squad in Mech Master game launched in 2022.

Join the event now at

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