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We Make Your MECHAS Better Than Ever in Mech Master Universe

We make your MECHAS better than ever in Mech Master universe

Mech Master is a first-ever strategic turn-based RPG game where players can build their own territory with future technologies and protect their homeland. Our team made the Mech Master figures as robot models, giant fighting ones with 3D rendering.

Have you ever been curious about the process of creating a Mecha? Working hard regardless of days or nights, all team members from other departments have spent more than 15 hours per day dedicated to this big game project. Now is the time to follow in our footsteps and explore more.

It is a challenging journey we created the figures in the Mech Master game, Mechas

Mech Master team are sculpting Mecha figures

We set up ideas for the game and created the game story

Taking inspiration from famous fighting robot series such as Gundam and Transformers, we set the idea of making a 3D rendering blockchain game, and these giant machines shall be named “Mecha.” The art team will focus on making the model of the robots in-game, while the story team will create the story and history of how these giant robots came about. The story team named these giant fighting robots “Mecha” after the word “Mechanization.” Like human beings with different races, they also decided that Mecha shall have races: Legion, Ravager, Giant, Alien, Aerial, Relic, and Shapeshifter.

Brainstorm Mecha Concept

Our talented artists team sketched the 2D concept

2D figures sketching stage

The talented artists that the team recruited are creative and came up with many ideas on different robots to create. First up is the 2D sketch concept, only the senior level of the art team will help with the sketching, given an almost 1-week duration to come up with the best impression of an individual Mecha race. The artists drew many artworks about robot concepts and went through countless meetings to find the most fantastic-looking and epic robots.

Create many ideas on different robots

Our team made selected artworks into 2D blueprints

Made 2D blueprints

After the fantastic-looking drawing comes to the blueprint stage, we made selected artworks into 2D blueprints that show the front, sides, and back of a Mecha so that the artists can adjust along the way. Visualizing how to make them more life-like, they perform some stroke rework, face alignment, detailed contouring, and changing the thickness of some shapes. It was a 4-man team, given four days to perfect the Mecha blueprints before the third stage: Sculpting. During this, the artists will mold the basic shapes and align the figures into a 3D character. It was no easy task for a 1-man team, for making sculpt about Mecha that have every little bit of intricate details are much more difficult to sculpt than humans or monster sculptures. With just over a week’s work, the skilled artist perfected the looks of the Mecha, finally making the project work come alive.

Sculpting stage

We created suitable surface models in the modeling stage

Model the Mecha

Here comes the modeling stage, where after every sculpture, they must use polygon shapes and vertices to create a suitable surface model when constructing a solid object. Meanwhile, the story team came up with how the Mechas were made to fight off the enemies, “Kraken,” after being invaded by these alien forces. Mechas were built from different parts of the Earth, with a region they are supposed to defend, and how each Mecha is supposed to be different from other races.

Modeling stage

Our rig team created moving frames

The Rig team then created moving frames, like the joints of a human body, and the animation team made them move. The Mechas can finally move like they are in the backstory, such as Aerials flying or a Ravager crawling. It was a one-person rig team that took him three days to create all the complex joints and a 2-man animation team that took a maximum of 15 days to make the Mechas start moving usually.

Create moving Mecha frames

We created graphic effects, skills usage, and various cool-looking effects

Lastly is the VFX team. It consists of 2-person, and it took them 15 days to create graphic effects, skills usage, and various cool-looking effects to complement all the hard work and dedication that all the previous teams had put their efforts into Mech Master.

VFX Mecha

It is a challenging journey we created the figures in the Mech Master game, Mechas. Our crew made up of professionals and highly experienced individuals from many areas has only one mission: to create an incredible Mecha game for everyone. We want you to see the Mech Master universe that we’ve been dreaming of for a long time, a world where you can lead a massive Mecha army to battle for mankind.

About Mech Master

Mech Master is a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game, with strategic RPG elements, where you can earn tokens through skillful gameplay and intelligent trading. Players can assemble a lineup full of giant Mechas with gorgeous 3D models to battle against others, recruit new pilots, collect new lightsabers and energy cannons, show off tactical prowess, and I’d almost forgot to mention, buy land and build your own top-secret base on the moon!

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Mech Master


Mech Master is a Turn-Based RPG Strategy game where you bring the future technology to build your territory and protect the homeland.