Mechanism Labs: The World’s First Open Source Research Lab

Mechanism Labs is the world’s first open source research lab. Our mission is to provide a platform for progress via the development of open, decentralized, and democratic research.

Working in this space, we believe that siloed research makes it harder for new researchers to contribute and for existing researchers to collaborate. We seek to change that with Mechanism Labs.

Mechanism Labs is built to foster an environment conducive to learning via public discussion on open messaging platforms, community calls, and public research papers improved via pull request. We believe that by following the open source model that has worked so well for development to this date, we will help accelerate the expansion of public knowledge.

We’re personally passionate about cryptoeconomics and are currently focused on scalability and alternative consensus, however, we see this as a platform for diverse sets of research in the blockchain space. We hope that this experiment will uncover a potentially new model for research in general.

Progress can’t afford bottlenecks — join us in tackling pressing problems in the blockchain space.





Created with love by zk - Zubin Koticha, Aparna Krishnan, MAAZ UDDIN