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Technology without mercy.
Decent of Perseverance via the Sky Crane,// Source : NASA/JPL Caltech, 2020

NASA should be in a position soon to release an exclusive video of the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars.

The first pictures of Mars have already arrived from the Perseverance Rover. First in black and white, then in color, these first pictures are already breathtaking. The latest released image shows an aerial view of the six-wheeled rover, suspended on cables by the “Sky Crane”, the descent stage, a few meters above the Martian surface. These first images are only a preamble, as NASA plans to present the most dramatic ones, including a video, at an online event soon…

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Writing and producing content in the 2020s will be one of the most important skills for anyone. What was once the exclusive preserve of journalists and publishers is quickly becoming the backbone of every company in existence. Why? Because simply put, businesses are forced to write content to have any sort of viability on-line. And with current trends, on-line business will soon be the only way to do business.

The competitive advantage for those who understand this and have the skills to do it right will be monumental. …

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I enjoy all old technologies. I like the idea that they’re already obsolete, and will only increase in retro coolness over time.

The Good

If computers made in the nineteen nineties were capable of talking, they would complain incessantly about the hardware from the twenty tens. There are just too many drawbacks to upgrading to post-millennium technology. I, for one, am sad that floppy disks have been rendered extinct. They had a lot going for them, including being easy to fit inside a pocket. How else were you going to save anything when you’re huddled in a cave writing a program for…

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1 — Music can boost the release of endorphins.

Research has shown that music can lift your mood and increase your natural feel-good chemical.
Researchers have discovered that playing music is a stronger stimulus for the brain than sex, food, or money. My morning routine consists of playing upbeat music as I take a cold shower. Try it for a few days and tell me how you feel.

2 — Music can reduce stress-related hormones.

By listening to your favorite music, you can significantly reduce stress-induced hormones and quickly get back in the game. Low tempo music in particular has…

The first time I heard about possible life thriving in the soil on the planet Venus, I was eight years old. We were studying our fifth-grade science textbook when a cartoon caught our eye. It was a NASA rendering of a hypothetical scene on the surface of Venus — a blue-skinned woman, stripped down to a futuristic bikini, standing next to a robot.

“Whoa,” my friend Chris said. “If humans ever go to live on Venus, there will be space women.”

“Space women!” I said. “Dang.

I spent the next 20 years of my life in constant disappointment that we…

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What is consciousness?

A new idea about what consciousness is and why we have it reveals how we could recreate it, says neuroscientist Michael Graziano.

All of us live with two contradictory everyday opinions about consciousness. We believe that:

1. When people stop behaving intelligently — after a blow to the head, for instance — they lose consciousness. But:

2. People who are “locked in” — whom you can no longer communicate with or who are unable to move spontaneously — are still conscious.

These observations raise the question of what we actually mean by consciousness. What is it? It…

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In an ingenious study, Richard Feynman, the Nobel physicist, formulated an answer to a puzzle that had been troubling him since his youth.

At school, he had found himself unable to work out the answer to a sum involving three stick drawings. It looked as if the problem was insoluble. Yet when he copied the diagram from a neighbouring student’s paper and attempted the sum using the same orientation of sticks, the answer was obvious. He realised that the neighbouring student had drawn the sticks in an entirely different order.

The first student had drawn them from left to right…

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The genetic theory of intelligence is based on three important facts:

1. Identical twins, who share all their genes, are more similar than fraternal twins, who share only about half their genes. If the environment were decisive, the fraternal twins should be more similar.

2. Studies of adopted children show that how bright a child is depends heavily on its biological parents. If the environment were decisive, adoptive parents, not birth parents, would make the difference.

3. Identical twins raised apart are more similar than twins raised together. …

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I’ve been reading a lot about GPT-3 and text generation using machine learning recently. Following some links posted in a related Reddit article I ended up installing an app on my phone called AI Dungeon. This allows you to create your own text driven adventure partly driven by your prompts and partly by responses from an algorithm. According to Reddit, the developer has been playing with GPT-3 and I suspect that on occasion the responses are driven by the GPT-3 beta.

Stuck for inspiration I decided to use the headings from a typical productivity listicle to drive the adventure. what…

Rapid movements of a star in the center of our Milky Way presents a remarkable confirmation of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The star travels around the giant black hole in the heart of our home galaxy on a path in the shape of a rosette, as proven by decades of precision measurements.

The measurements corresponded to Einstein’s theory, reports a research team led by Reinhard Genzel from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) in Garching near Munich in the journal “Astronomy & Astrophysics”.

General theory of relativity predicts that the orbits of celestial bodies themselves will…


Technology without mercy.

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