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Changing the Game With Medal 3.0

As gamers, we built Medal with the intention of fulfilling our need for a reliable way to capture, save, and share our best gaming moments. What began as a program built for ourselves and friends, has transformed into a global clipping and social platform loved by millions of gamers. And now, Medal is leveling up — again. It’s time to unveil Medal 3.0 to the world.

While working on Medal, we tried to answer the question: “What would WE love to be able to do with our clips but can’t — and how can Medal do just that?” After all, sharing clips is what Medal is all about — could we make that experience even better? And with that, we went wild. From completely overhauling the editing experience to include a full suite of effects, to seamless mobile syncing and editing, to a completely brand new social clipping experience in Beta where clips are created and shared as a group in REAL time — Medal 3.0 is changing the game (pun 100% intended).

Social Sessions in Beta — Invite Only

What’s better than reliving your greatest achievements and memories with clips? Sharing that experience with your friends where you can ALL share your favorite moments with each other in REAL time. With Sessions, we’re introducing a brand new shared clipping experience, where everything you clip is instantly shared with your group, so you can relive the moments you make together.

While you’re in a Session together, chat with your teammates with both voice and text to strategize while playing and clipping. Then, between games, while you’re waiting in queue, check out the clips you all took of that crazy comeback you just barely pulled off together. Not at your PC but you want to be part of the action? Join in on the fun from your phone to chat and see what your friends are clipping!

As you clip, those moments are instantly uploaded to your Session for easy sharing — without publishing directly to your profile. You decide which clips to publish… and what stays an inside joke amongst friends. Oh, and if you want to publish that clip your friend took of that insane goal you made…you can. Doesn’t matter who took the clip — anyone in the session can publish it.

We’re working hard to make sure Sessions is perfect, so right now Sessions is in Beta and invite-only. Interested? You can receive instant access by installing the iOS app and interacting with the brand new Sessions section. Or, you can switch Early Access 👀

Coming Soon — External Recorders Support

Want a friend to join your Session but they don’t use Medal to clip? Or maybe, you use a few different software options to capture your gameplay — but you love the Medal community and want a way to seamlessly manage and share your clips? Well now, you can do just that — with our new External Recorder feature!

Enable the External Recorders feature in your settings to automatically import video files from other recorders. Don’t see the recorder you’re using listed in the options? No problem! You can manually select a folder on your computer to use for automatic importing! Once set up, you’ll see your clips automatically appear in your Medal Library as you take them.

Instant Mobile Desktop Syncing

Took a clip of the craziest ace of your life and you wanna show your friend — but you haven’t published it yet and you’re not at your pc? No problem. With mobile syncing, as long as your pc and mobile device are on the same Wi-Fi network, every clip you take on your computer is instantly transported to your mobile device — like magic. Now you can view and share while you’re on your way to school, on the bus, or just chilling at your friends house — all from your mobile device.

Desktop Editing — Early Access

Sometimes the clips you take just need a little shaping to take them to the next level. Well, we’ve overhauled the editing experience on Desktop so you can do a whole lotta shaping with a FULL suite of effects — without having to pay for and spend hundreds of hours learning how to use expensive software. Seriously, we packed in as many features as possible so that everything you want/need to do to your clips can be done in the Medal editor.

Since we’re still fine-tuning this feature, we’ll be rolling out the new editor to everyone.

The amount of things you can do is insane… see for yourself 👀

  • Add Text to your clips for science, or memes

Editing on the Go — with iOS

Not at your computer but you have a crazy idea for an edit and you just can’t wait to make it? Now you can edit to your heart’s content on the go — via the iOS Medal mobile app…

With the mobile app you can edit to your hearts content with a full suite of effects including:

  • Trim your clips to the perfect length

Visual Effects

  • Glitch (7 variations)

Time FX

  • Fast Forward


  • Zoom

Voice Recoding

  • Record your voice with sound effects. Wanna sound like a hamster? You can. Wanna sound like a monster? Go for it.

Sound Effects

  • Add your favorite meme sounds

Add License Free Music to your clips

  • Hip Hop

Add Text

  • Choose any color you want with any size text

Thank You ❤

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for helping make Medal what it is today — the BEST and biggest community where clips are shared and memories are made. We look forward to reading all of your feedback about Sessions Beta and our Early Access editing experience and are excited for you to try the updated iOS and Android apps. Remember to share your experiences, suggestions, and feedback with us in our discord, or via

Want to enable Early Access for yourself and test out the future of Medal today? Click here to learn how to enable it.